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Owning a small business entails a lot of responsibility. In many such businesses the owner plays a variety of roles in order to ensure the success of the business. One of these roles is that of security specialist. Keeping your small business safe is a huge concern that must be prioritized. An unprotected business can face a variety of perils that can turn a profitable year into a loss. Luckily there are some great gadgets on the market that can help make security much easier.

Mandylion Password Manager

Your online accounts can often make or break a small business, if access gets into the wrong hands. Keeping the login and passwords safe will ensure that your business is protected. However hackers seem to be getting smarter and smarter. The Mandylion Password Manager is the solution your need to make sure that your online accounts are secure. Generating passwords that are super-strong and practically impossible to break, the Mandylion makes sure that hackers are thwarted in their attempts to access your information. It also gives you handy log-in management of as many as different 50 accounts, so you never again have to worry about which password is which.

APC Back-UPS RS-700

This superior power surge protector combined with battery backup lets you continue to work and save your sensitive data when the power goes out. In addition to protecting your costly equipment from destructive power surges, it lets you keep going up to 80 minutes without power, so you don’t have to deal with downtime in your work day. It even has an equipment protection policy that covers your equipment for up to $150,000 if it ever fails. This is the perfect solution to keep your equipment and data safe and secure. 

Rovio Mobile Webcam

For video security that you control at your whim, there is simply nothing better than the Rovio robot webcam. You can control this little robot from anywhere with an Internet connection, via your computer or smart phone. Streaming video and audio lets you see what’s going on at your business in real time, even in those places that are harder to monitor. Brought to you by the company WowWee, this robot lets you change up your security strategy every day by sending it in different areas and can even self-navigate so you don’t always have to remotely control its movements. Rovio will even find its way back to the charging station and self dock with the click of a button.

PDK3000 PC Managed Access Control System

This keyless entry gives you control of the comings and goings of your business. Employees and others who open and close your business will be able to do so using access card, fobs or a PIN code. This means no more lost keys and no need to change locks with the change of employees. You know who arrives late and who accesses your business outside of business hours. You can even use the same system to create automatic locking and unlocking of your business. As many as 2000 individuals can have access to your business. 

Fingerprint Storage Safe

A fingerprint storage safe is the ideal solution to keep your extremely valuable items, cash and private papers safe. With biometric technology only fingerprints that you have programmed can open this safe. You can program up to 30 different fingerprints, which remain stored even if the battery dies. The compact size of this safe means you can bring it with you wherever you go or hide it in small spaces for the ultimate in security. Opting for a fingerprint storage safe gives you another cool solution for business safety.

There are an abundance of cool safety gadgets just waiting for the business owner to discover. Your small business can remain safer than you could ever imagine when you put the latest in technological gadgets to work for you. Rest assured that your business will be safe with choice gadgets that bring security to the next level. 

About the Author: Jeremy Whitman is a security expert for Safe Choice Security, a Jacksonville based home and business security company.

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