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Responsive web designing has turned out to be a craze in the field of website design and development. The present year 2013 has been hailed as the “Year of Responsive Design’ and this is certainly not without reason. Responsive websites comprise flexible grids, fluid images and several other features that make them easily accessible from a range of devices. As a business entrepreneur, going for a responsive website to represent your business is a wise idea. Here is a list of few business benefits that can be derived out of this particular type of sites.

Widen Your Reach to the Tablet and Mobile Audience

The availability of the web applications on tablets and mobile devices has become an emerging trend. People using devices other than desktops and laptops for internet browsing will prefer websites that can be accessed via the particular devices they use. Responsive website design leads to sites that can be implemented across devices. Thus, your business gets to reach out to tablet and mobile audiences with ease.

Allows You Offer the Best User Experience

The adaptability of the responsive websites to devices with varying display and screen resolutions makes them offer perfect user- experience. Building a responsive site for your business means that it will encompass even the newer mobile devices, coming up in the market. Issues like functionality and performance do not arise when it comes to one site that fits into multiple screens. Consistent user experience leads to higher conversion rates in the long run.

Ensures Easier Analytics Tracking

Analytics tracking, which is the process of tracking visitors’ response to your site, becomes easier when it comes to the responsive websites. The visitors to your website get to view a single page. Thus, you no longer need to keep track of the user journeys, funnels, conversion paths and redirection between sites. Hassle- free tracking and analytics will pave the way for easier monitoring and analysis.

Promises Improved SEO

Seen from a SEO perspective, a responsive website can be managed with a single set of links. A single URL comprises the inbound links, tweets, shares in the social media and so on. Hence, optimizers do not need to redirect the users to the multiple versions of the very same website.

With respect to content too, you can be saved from the trouble of minimizing chances of low- quality duplicate content across sites. Prospects of higher ranking on the search engines come about easily with responsive websites.

Saves You from a Lot of Expenses

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of responsive website is that it saves the cost of maintaining multiple websites. As a business entrepreneur, you will constantly feel the need to reach out to wider customer base, irrespective of the device that they are using. Now, building different sites to fit into the varying devices is an impossible proposition as it calls for immense expenses. Responsive website design relieves you from the cost of managing a number of websites and instead, captures your target market with a single but remarkable website.

Summary- Responsive website design leads to the creation of websites that fit into multiple devices. Here is an overview of the prominent business advantages of the responsive websites.

Author Bio- Saurya Ghosal, associated with a reputed and recognized web design and development company for years now, shares information on the essential business advantages of responsive website design.

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