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Have you already registered on LinkedIn? Serious business owners big or small know the importance of great connections. Whether you want to admit it or not, LinkedIn should be an essential aspect of your business increasing strategy. After all, this site is all about making connections and you just never know how beneficial the next person you are going to meet will be for your business.

LinkedIn strategies involve aiming to meet your objectives using LinkedIn. Usually these involve basic concepts in marketing. However, you must of course first find out what your specific business objectives actually are. For example, how will LinkedIn be able to help you achieve your specific business goals? In general, many online businesses are trying to increase their contacts and clients in the cheapest, fastest and easiest method.

Here are five of the strategies you can use for LinkedIn to begin creating relationships that can assist in the rapid growth of your business. Depending on the objectives that you have, there are a lot of connections that need to be made and LinkedIn will enable you to do this.

1. Create Alliances

Allies are something a small business needs. Connections and contacts can assist in goal achievement such as providing help and information. Sometimes finding the right person, service or business is something they can help you with. You will be able to find people you can follow, groups you can join or trends you can identify with. You can use the search feature of LinkedIn to find helpful keywords that would lead you to your demographic. You can also go to Menu under Groups, click Groups You Could Like or even do your own group creation to find like-minded people who would be interested in anything you have to sell.

2. Increase What You Are Worth

In LinkedIn Answers, it is a good idea to engage and answer group questions. People will be able to benefit from tools and tips that relate to their businesses and interests which you input. Even if you are primarily in retail, you can still assist people by responding to questions about where the best product deals are that are in line with what they are interested in. Applications on LinkedIn are also available for you to present your work. Adding value and helping people to groups will increase your credibility since it positions you as one of the experts plus, you become much more visible.

3. Getting the Right Target Market

Potential customers are included in your contact list and you can use the function of Search on LinkedIn to identify people needing your service. Personal invitations need to be sent using the InMail link of LinkedIn or get introduced by a common friend. This way, you won’t be categorized as someone spamming.

4. Use LinkedIn Signal to Know What Others Think

You can see all network updates when you click on News and the Signal as well as connections that are related. When you sign up for specific interest updates in order to keep tracking them, you will be ‘in the loop’ so to speak. Keeping in touch with all your connections and sending personal messages is always going to work for your benefit when it comes to LinkedIn.

5. Linking with Other Tools of Social Networking

What is LinkedIn primarily for? If you take a hard look at LinkedIn, you will realize that it really is a site for connections-generation. Including your feed on Twitter and adding your blog to the profile on LinkedIn will help you promote your websites. Also, you can use the Facebook app and you can promote your LinkedIn page on Facebook where you can list up to 3 websites.

Use these 5 strategies to increase your connections on LinkedIn and also grow your business.

Article written by Mark Jones of OSI Affiliate Software, the top affiliate tracking software. An affiliate program is also a great way to grow your business and build links.

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