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The Vine App was created so that people can post short video clips onto social media. Unlike YouTube video clips, you can only upload a video with a maximum length of six seconds. The Vine App can be used to upload videos on sites such as Twitter and Facebook. It was founded in June 2012, but was purchased on the 20th of October 2012, by Twitter. They went on to debut the Vine App on the 24th of January 2013. The app is available for use on Apple's iPhone and the iPod Touch. At the moment, they are developing an app that will work on other platforms such as Microsoft Windows and Android.

1. You can show people your building and your business grounds

Some people create a larger video showing their business grounds and their staff. In many cases the creation of the video is more fun than actually watching it. Very few customers and clients will watch these videos all the way through to the end. If you create a 6-second video, and then upload it via the Vine App, you are going to have a video that is short enough to maintain the attention of even the most attention deficit customer or client.

2. You can use Stop-Motion animation to display company announcements

It is a nice little trick, and can be a very nice break the monotony if you have to keep producing dull (but needed) company announcements.

3. Give each employee a 6-second introduction

This is a nice thing to do if you would like to put a human face on a business. A business that has a human face behind it is very rare these days, and adding these little videos is a nice way to help your website grow and maintain its credibility.

4. Ask for quick video testimonials

Do not forget that many people, including your customers, have the Vine App for themselves. So ask them for a quick video testimonial that you can post on your website. If people are aware that they themselves can upload a video testimonial, then they may be more inclined to believe that the ones posted on your websites are real.

5. Show video clips of your products being made

A video clip of your product being made, is a nice way of showing that your products are not cheaply made factory rubbish that has come from an Asian sweatshop. Just a quick clip showing your products being made is enough to convince many people that they can trust the products that they buy from you.

6. Create teasers videos for upcoming events, webinars, and trade shows.

If your company goes to events and trade shows, then it is most likely that you already have a large number of demonstration videos. If you create a few teaser videos and upload them using the Vine App, then you will be able to disseminate them on social media more easily (in order to help you spread the word).

7. Show how quickly your product can be set up

If you work in an industry where there is a common consensus that your products will take a long time either to install, or to put up, then a demonstration video could be very powerful marketing tool for your business. If you can show people that your product can be set up within six seconds, then customers who are typically known for being techno-phobic, or "hassle-phobic", will be sold on the idea of your products because they are so easy to set up/ install.

8. Create short adverts similar to those on TV

The adverts on TV are only very short adverts.  They are only a few seconds long because TV advertising cost a lot of money.  So why not create some short video adverts.  This would work well in keeping with the Twitter website, because Twitter is all about micro-blogging.  You could create micro adverts, and you could even got step further and create mirco-Vlogs.

9. Prove your products worth with demonstration videos

Demonstration videos can actually be a very powerful tool, and can earn you a severely large amount of credibility within the industry. For example, if you would like to prove how strong your cardboard boxes are, then you could run an advert similar to this: The text would say, "They say our boxes are not strong enough," after which something such as five car batteries would fall on the box in succession. The camera could zoom in on the tatty, but still useable box, and the text would say "strongly enough?"

10. Create small videos showing your staff working hard

The great thing about this technique is that it has no conceivable ROI, and yet it is very good at putting a human face on your business. Today, people do business with companies that they never physically see. It makes a good and refreshing change to be able to see what a business really like without reading what is on an "about us" page.

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