Posted by : Amanda Stein Monday, March 25, 2013

It may seem like a pretty clear, cut and dry case. Doesn't everyone understand the importance of clean design? However, businesses just aren't getting it!

How do I know? 

All over the Internet are websites plastered with poor design, bad grammer and low quality images. Yet, these business owners wonder why they have high bounce rates and no new clients.

To give a little bit of a better understanding of why a clean, crisp design is important, let's take it back to the beginning...

Design = Trust

In the early days of the Internet it was understandable for a business's website to have poor design and low quality elements --- everyone was still learning how to use it. Oh, and it didn't really matter anyways, there wasn't that much competition.

Snapshot to today and competition is fierce. Today's shoppers and consumers equate quality design with their ability to place trust in the company. In the eye's of consumers, poor design is exactly what they can expect of their experience with the business.

If you find yourself with a bounce rate of over 35% on your website (not including statistics of your blog, if you have one), you should attempt to take an in-depth look into what your design says about you.

Creating Your Own

Sure, every small business owner wants to cut down on the budget and make their own website, which is great, but please don't cut yourself short. There's a clear reason why web designers are making $45,000 a year. Expertise and experience clearly make a difference.

Now I don't say this at all to discourage anyone from creating their own website. You can create a fantastic looking site all on your own. My point is rather to say that it is not going to be easy and be prepared to put a lot of work into it!

So Your Business Isn't Doing So Good

Don't judge your business's potential until you have a great design for all of your advertising!

Have you watched the show, "Restaurant: Impossible"? There's one point that is very clear on every show --- design matters! Just as no one wants to sit in a dark, dingy outdated establishment, no one wants to make their way through a website that looks the same.

If times are tough and you are thinking about giving up on your life's dream, wait! Ask for someone's opinion. If you're design online isn't up to par, fix it as quickly as possible. Wait six months and then evaluate.

Need an Honest Opinion?

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