Posted by : Amanda Stein Friday, March 8, 2013

You’ve optimized your online marketing and the traffic is increasing for your e-commerce website. But for some reason, visitors seem to be leaving your website before without visiting many pages or before making a purchase. The question is…why? There are many reasons why customers leave your e-commerce website – and make no mistake about it too many early exits can be a cause for great concern. Fortunately, some of the more common reasons are easily fixable and could lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Page Load Time

The first thing potential customers will notice is how long your website takes to load. The longer the website takes the more likely the potential customer will leave. Luckily, there are multiple websites and tools designed to help you optimize your website to decrease load times. These tools will help you discover the issues most in need of resolution for increased website performance. Pingdom offers an easy to use tool to test your page load times of your website. 

Quality of Images

As your potential customer is browsing your site, they will notice the quality of your images. The quality can negatively impact their view of your company, especially if your images are blurry or low quality. Higher quality images can help show off your product and your professionalism. And if you don’t have many pictures that may be cause for a concern as well. Rich pictures and even video help customers use more of their senses and can help keep them on the site.

Annoying Sounds or Music

Automated sounds or music could be another turn-off for potential clients who might find the sounds annoying. If the volume of their speakers is set too high, it may even surprise them. When a person is surprised, the “fight or flight” instinct kicks in and it may be easier for them to navigate away from your page instead of looking for the source of the noise to disable it.

Content is King

If your images are sufficient and there weren’t any unwelcome audio surprises on your website, then the potential client can read the information you have on your pages. But make sure that your content is in good shape to keep users engaged. For the best customer experience, make sure your information is relevant, high-quality, and has been checked for grammatical and spelling errors. These can be indicative of an unprofessional company leading to the potential client leaving your website.

Checkout Process

Lastly, make sure your checkout process is intuitive and customer friendly. You don’t want them to become confused or have to deal with a convoluted process if they are ready to purchase your products. Try to make sure your checkout process entails as few steps as possible.

Keeping these points in mind and focusing on customer experience and satisfaction throughout the process will help keep your clients from leaving your e-commerce site. The best thing you can do for your potential customers is repair your website and keep it running smoothly. Imagine walking into a store that is in disarray. If products aren’t stacked neatly, floors are messy, and the store is laid out in a strange way you would feel unwelcome, question the store’s professionalism, and most likely leave. The same is true on e-commerce websites. Do your company and your clients a favor by having a professional, well put together e-commerce site.

Dennis Bamber runs TechnologyDrive, an ecommerce fulfillment company based in Indiana.

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