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Most of us have heard of Pinterest, but only a few have successfully used it to market a brand. Despite Pinterest being one of the top traffic drivers (only a small percentage lesser then Google), even some of the most recognized names like Wal-Mart and DKNY do not have a significant presence in this forum. Pinterest was launched on March 2010 and it had 11 million visitors by February 2012. It has contributed to a referral traffic which is larger than the combined total of LinkedIn and Google+.

Basically Pinterest offers a pin board where users share the photos and other graphics of things which attracted their interest. In fact the third point of the ‘etiquette of Pinning’ clearly asks the user not to use pinterest exclusively for self promotion. In spirit, Pinterest is a social site where you can share the image of interesting things be it a front elevation of your neighbor’s house or a handmade woolen sweater. So how do you market a brand when this site is clearly not intended for a promotion campaign?

The below given are some tips to which would help you market your brand on Pinterest.

Build a presence: Understanding the basics of this social forum is quintessential for successful brand marketing. Many marketing masterminds who effortlessly get traffic to their site through Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter etc., are all at sea when it comes to Pinterest. This is a site where people celebrate what captures their interest most and having a strategy which is at harmony with this spirit is important. Do not hard sell your product. This is a good time to get out of the tired old promotion strategies and stress on your unique core values as a brand. Try to connect with your customers and make them identify with your brand. The Pinboard of ‘Jo-Ann’, a craft-store is a befitting example for this approach.

Proper use of photos: Usage of images and photos are of paramount importance. Most people scan through a series of thumbnails when they repin a photo on Pinterest. So it is sensible to make use of text on a photo. This way users can easily identify what the image stands for and decide whether they want to pin it or not.

Add the icon to your site: Do not forget to add the Pinterest icon to your site. This will make it easy for people to pin the images from your site.

Use other social media: If you have lovely collage of photos on your pinboard regarding say Women’s day (incidentally Pinterest has a huge female following), then consider giving it a build up through Twitter. You can start tweeting about your pin from late February providing a build up to your post. You can also use other sites like Facebook, LinkedIn etc., for driving traffic to your Pinterest posts.

Keep Updating Your Content: Timely updating is very important for brand building in pinterest. See to that you post images related to currently trending topics like valentine’s day, presidential elections etc., Popular pins are mostly related to hot current topics and as a marketer you have to take advantage of the latest trends.

Pre-reserve your space: Get a Pinterest user name for your brand. Lot of brands like Diane Von Furstenberg has reserved a space even without posting any content.

Concentrate on Themes: Pinterest revolves around themes like colors, weddings, home d├ęcor etc. So try to construct mood boards for your products revolving around such themes rather than posting hard core sales messages.

Pinterest is the most buzzing social website nowadays and if you have not already made your brand presence in this forum, then it is high time you did something about that.

Andrea Walters, a freelance writer for – The Lowest-Priced Satellite TV in America.

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