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It is the age where the field of Information Technology along with the marketing industry is undergoing a rapid transformation. The world is in its transition phase and witnessing things going from analog to digital; mass media to social media and portability to mobility! The advent of social media has truly created a massive impact over the internet, and has indeed become a platform for various activities including product promotion. Nowadays, promoters and advertising agencies are emphasizing on using social media as a platform to promote their products, as it yields the best results at cost effective prices.

When the world has opened to transformation and digitization, it is our responsibility to accept things as well. As a marketer, we need to know the latest trends in social media and technology and aptly utilize it to our favor. A number of services and technological products and services do prevail across the internet, which when used appropriately can deliver stunning results. Two such services or products (call it the way you want), are the Vine app for Twitter and the Graph Search from Facebook. The two potential marketing platforms have just been released and are a rage already. So, for those of you who wish to harness on its potential, here’s a brief guide.

Twitter’s Vine:

As we all know, the Vine app from Twitter has come to be known as the Instagram of Video. The app for iPhone allows users to create a brief GIF image sort of video clip that spans up to six seconds. Users can even add an audio clip if they want to the video that spans up to the same duration. This form of promotion works wonders, because the file is not massive and takes a lesser time to load. This can be shared easily via users and indirectly gains an authority, resulting in a higher visibility in search engine results.

When it comes to using Vine for marketing purposes, there arises the need for creative skills. Since the video is restricted to a very short time limit, marketers and advertising agencies should try their best to pack in the best content within those 6 seconds and captivate the viewers. However, they can consider the following points as well as an idea.

  • Though longer videos convey more information, it is the videos of short duration that catches one’s eye. Moreover, since the clip plays in loop it gives the viewers ample time to view the graphics. So, brands can use this app to stuff in the most vital messages they have got to say and finish it with the brand’s logo 
  • Brands can create a brief behind the scene footages of their company and get further get closer to their customers to show how things work. They can create a clip showing how the company produces its products, its interaction with its customers and establish trust among its followers 
  • If your blog or website is inclined towards tutorials and how to topics, you can very well use the app to show screen shots of how to troubleshoot/fix/perform certain tasks. This can be related to anything and majorly attracts users 
  • Also, users can create a story sort of video with a message in the end and link it with their brand’s niche. It is bound to gain good clicks! 

Facebook Graph Search:

Facebook’s latest inclusion, the Graph Search, can bring marvels to your brand when used properly. Basically, Facebook’s Graph search works by pulling out results from the searcher’s nearest preferences. For instance, if the searcher is looking out for information regarding a specific fine dining restaurant, the Graph search will instantly pull out results from the searcher’s friends list and images, if they have tagged the outlet and their friend in that picture. And if it’s a general search, it tries to bring in all the possible results from the searcher’s acquaintances and known lists that have the keywords entered by the user.

So what happens is, the search results tries to bring authenticity in its results as they are from the preferences of their friends. The searcher would definitely go for the results, because he trusts his friends, more than the search results. So for marketers who wish to use this platform to gain a higher rank and exposure, the following tips may be useful. The tips are based on the consideration that you already have a Facebook fan page and have significant number of users liking it as well. If not, don’t lose hope and build one as the Graph Search is yet to be unleashed completely.

  • Marketers who wish to enhance the local search results must make sure that they have an updated profile with all the necessary information such as contact details and the likes 
  • Consistently post updates, photos, links and content so that you always remind people about your presence. The most important thing is remember to tag your brand with every post so as to get displayed in search results 
  • Also, when adding photos and updating content ensure that you have used the right keywords in pictures and updates, so that they are easily detected by the Facebook algorithms 
  • Never forget the EdgeRank principle and post content accordingly 

So these were some of the points you could consider to cash in from Vine and Graph Search to enhance your visibility and gain desired results. As 2013 has just begun, implement these soon and propel your business to newer heights this year. Hope this was helpful!

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