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The aim of every blogger, business venture or marketing campaign is to get recognized and appear at the top of searches. There are techniques to be followed to ensure that this aim is met as the early bird gets the worm. Wise users will ensure that their strategies include the best quality link building and though this makes perfect sense, how exactly does one find the most powerful and vital backlinks to ensure success?

Some of the top backlink forums are:

  • Commission Blueprint 2.0
  • Web 2.0 profiles

In fact, Google has a host of sites that permit users to add to their websites and create backlinks. To ensure better recognition and top of the list posts, users will do well to keep the following points in mind:

Quality of post or blog – Bloggers or marketers should make their blogs of the top most quality. A great deal of research is needed for this outcome and is not mastered overnight. Writing should be original, should be useful and should not be copied. Copying of content is like committing hara-kiri and will immediately be detected by Google and will ensure its lower if not lowest rating.

Guest postings should be invited – Guest postings should not only be invited but should be encouraged so as to ensure better and more enhanced backlinks. This is an ideal way to steer traffic in your direction. Quality backlinks are appreciated by various search engines and are considered the stepping stone to popularity and recognition.

Encourage blog commenting - Commenting also works in the same way as postings and means that readers leave their comments on the blog. A visit to an innovative and useful blog will mean a sure shot visit to the website. Use of social media networking is also essential to getting the blog at the top. Being registered with more than one social networking site, means added traffic in your direction, better backlinks and top order ratings.

Use free 2.0 sites to garner more backlinks to your site – This is a free and guaranteed way of gaining backlinks. Bloggers, HubPages and Squidoo are highly recommended and the benefits received are well worth the added time spent on this form of gaining backlinks. One can include the link to anything that you find desirable and can be any in number as well. They are not restricted to just two or three links as was seen in the past. Squidoo is a high PR site and the links do bring in a fair amount of recognition as compared to other article directories.

Quality keywords – Last but by no means the least, Keywords pay a very important part in gaining quality backlinks. These are a must for any SEO. Title should be attractive enough to be an instant attraction while keywords should also be researched. The article should not be crammed with keywords but a total of 8 to 10 keywords would suffice. The density of the number of times the keyword is used should average from 10% to 15%.

Whatever tools and techniques are used to gather vital backlinks, time is a major factor in ensuring its success. Time will tell how each of the posts is indexed, what makes the post interesting and informative and what should be done to ensure greater recognition and better categorization. All post activities should be kept in focus on Google Analytics and it is necessary to note the amount of traffic being steered in your direction to gauge its success.

Submitting the site to various web directories such as DMOZ, Yahoo Directory, Ezine Articles, Go Articles and Best of the Web are also ideal ways to generate quality backlinks. Continuous updating, commenting on other blogs and posting fresh updates will also ensure that more traffic is steered in your direction and increase chances of getting a higher ranking and quality backlinks.

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