Posted by : Amanda Stein Wednesday, February 20, 2013

With the importance placed on social media, blogger outreach, search engine optimization (SEO) and cost-per-click advertising, it’s easy to forget that there’s another side to marketing.

There is still a place in the world for flyers, telesales, direct mail and magazine advertising. Here are a few tips for ways to get your on and offline marketing working together.

Public Relations Is a Great SEO Tool

A large part of SEO is about getting high-quality backlinks from sites with authority. If you sell in a story to national and local newspapers, it’s likely that story will appear on the website as well as in the physical publication. A link from a website like that is hugely beneficial. Even if you can’t get your website address in there, a brand mention will do wonders.

Reward Online Orders

The thing that sets a brand apart from its competitors is those “little” extras. When you send out an order, give your customer something unique like a few custom die cut vinyl stickers for example.
These things might encourage them to help spread the word of your business. Make sure the stickers have your web address and logo are visibly displayed.

Work With Bloggers

Blogger are journalists. Sometimes they might even have more sway than the traditional press. Get them on your side and include them in your advertising, PR and SEO plans. Bloggers can help you to build links. Also, most offer advertising and they are also brutally honest reviewers of your product.

Entice Customers to Go Offline 

If you have an online store as well as physical premise then you will want to remind your customers that you have both. Treat your online customers to discounts off an order if they pop into your store. All you need to do is send out the details in your next email newsletter.
The same goes for the customers that come into your shop. Remind them that they can buy online. That probably won’t stop them coming into the shop when they are nearby but it might make them think of your website when looking for a last-minute item.

Embrace Social Media

You can combine your social media with traditional forms of advertising. Make sure you have your social profiles listed on advertisements and other marketing materials. You could even offer rewards to the customers who like your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter.
Little incentives like 10 percent off or the chance to win something are a great way to lure people in. It doesn’t matter if you use traditional means to advertise your plans for digital media.

About the Author: Jess Shanahan is the owner of a marketing firm who loves to find ways to bridge the gap between traditional and digital marketing efforts.

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