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Google AdWords Express is a new way for local businesses to advertise on the popular search engine. The emphasis here is on the word local and this is where it differs from Google AdWords- by its emphasis on local businesses. If you’re using the older AdWords, you need to get your keywords, set and manage your bids. But in Express, Google does all of it for you. Google uses Google Places to run AdWords, helping small businesses gain business in the process.

AdWords Express makes it easy for clients to get to your website or place page and connect to you. This helps you expand your business and the customer gets what he’s looking for as well. All you need to do is key in some simple information and your campaign is up and running. For instance, you are asked to choose a search category, headline, description, you can choose what action happens once people click on your ad and your budget as well.

There are many advantages to Google AdWords Express. For starters, everything is automatic. This is so important in the world of search engine optimization where keywords are essential. With search engines like Google changing their algorithms and cracking down hard on keyword abusers, the fact the Google is looking after keywords by itself, is reassuring indeed. You don’t have to spend time and effort on keyword analysis. What’s more Google will display your ad in the relevant category once you place it there.

Then there’s the geographical location advantage. Google AdWords Express is all about localized searches and so you don’t have to think about different ads according to states, regions or countries. Searches are based on categories and if yours is, for instance, furniture polish, then your store or business will show up only when that search is carried out. Again, Google’s algorithm is made use of, leaving you free to focus on other aspects of your business.

Finally, there is the simplicity of it all. You set up the ad and you can see it live, within minutes of putting it up. The entire process is carried out in less than ten minutes in a 4 step procedure. Easy as pie! We’ve already discussed keywords and if you’re concerned about bid prices, like in the case of Google AdWords, you can rest assured because now they are given out on the basis of Google’s bid auction method. What’s more, Google offers you budget recommendations keeping in mind your search volumes. So, those market sizing worries? You don’t have to worry about them either.

Another area where AdWords Express wins is if you are running a pay-per-click campaign in your city or area. Express ensures that you can launch a quick easy campaign withouttoo much effort and time.

Once you sign up on AdWords Express, your ads will show up on the top of the Google Search or on the right side. On Google Maps, your location is displayed in bright blue. What’s more, your ad will show up on all devices- phone or laptop. Payment is made to Google only when a potential client clicks on your ad.

There are a few issues with Google AdWords Express as well. For instance, you might not necessarily or readily want to accept Google’s suggestions for budget and other considerations. This is sensible- some amount of research on your own is useful since it is your business and you know what you need. Secondly, there is a worry that your search parameters could be too narrow because they are localized. So you run the risk of losing business. Thus, there are a few issues that Google needs to sort out with AdWords Express. This is a well-intentioned idea that can run well if the issues are ironed out.

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