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Nowadays many people feel that there is just not enough time to live the kind of life that they want. Longer working hours and a long commute to and from their place of work affects a large number of people, many of whom would like a bit more time to just enjoy life. If you are fed up with long hours and begrudge the time wasted travelling to and from work, you might want to think about some changes.

It is often much harder for people to get work when they live in rural areas, even though there may be plenty of places offering offices to rent. If you would like to move out of the city and start a new business away from all the noise and hurrying, you need to think about what you could do.

Your Skills

Before you jump out of the frying pan, it is a good idea to evaluate what skills you might have and whether it’s possible for you to start a business in a rural area. You may have entrepreneurial skills that would help you set up a business, but then you need to find employees to deal with the everyday tasks. Many people have some so called soft skills that they’ve never really considered.

A growing number of people have opted out of their employed status and started to work for themselves, using skills that are not location dependent. If you have computer programming skills, marketing skills, or journalistic skills then you might want to think about working online.

Moving Out of the City

The internet is definitely here to stay and opens up a whole new area for people with certain skills. Make a list of things that you think you are good at as this can help you identify where you might do well. Once you have decided what your skills are you need another list for and against moving to a rural area.

If you have lived in a city all your life you might find that the peace and quiet of a rural area might not suit you. On the other hand, if you like peace and quiet, long walks and beautiful views, moving to a rural area might be just thing that’s needed to make your life complete.

Setting up a Business

Would you need to find business premises and offices to rent or will your business require you to work from home? You need to consider what facilities you might need, even an online business where you work from home implies that you need space to work. Make a list of any equipment you will need and make sure that you have enough money to live on for the first six months.

Setting up on your own might be a great idea but building up a client base and finding out whether there is a market for your sales, marketing, programming or writing skills, will not happen overnight. Running your own business from home may not cost much to set up, but you still need time to research the market and find clients.

Written by Gozde Kar for Foxhall Business Centres.

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