Posted by : Amanda Stein Thursday, February 7, 2013

Your employees are the representation of your business and the values that you stand for. What do you do if your employees lack the knowledge that you want them to possess? You can let it slide, fire them or work on teaching them the things that are lacking. With today's technology, adding a little knowledge can be as easy as visiting the App Store.

As an owner of the outstanding iPhone, I stumble across tons of apps. Many of which I don't find much use for, but some that have outstanding features and uses. For the fine dining owner, my most recent find can help to add the extra flair to your business that grabs your customer's attention and makes them want to keep coming back for more. (That is if you have food worth eating!)

I've worked in the restaurant business for many years. In the beginning I struggled to learn the terms necessary to understand fine dining. Oh, who am I kidding? I still do! Yep there are those that have the advantage of a great culinary education, but does this make them a better fit your restaurant? --- Some of the greatest waitresses I have ever met --- hard working, considerate and loyal --- Many of whom didn't know the first thing about the meaning behind the fancy mumbo that this app provides.

I've had my fair share of customers intent on making my life easier by asking me the twenty questions of culinary expertise. It's like some twisted pleasure to watch an unsuspecting waitress/waiter fumble at their questions. All the while not knowing if this 'guest' is really a food critique preparing a vicious article about the unknowledgeable waitstaff within the establishment.

Welcome to your easy fix --- Bon Appetit

So let's review how this works. Download, open and begin your exploration into the world of fancy words that all have to do with elegant cuisine.

What I love about his app is that it's dummy proof. Your employees can actually hear the words --- not from your mouth, but from does of a professional (no pun intended!).

I could see a lot of use in this. If your one of those restaurant owners who likes to have a staff meeting before every service, introduce a word and challenge your staff to remember it and say it back to you as they leave for the day.

What you'll come to love is the extra little 'spice' that your waitstaff will add as they repeat these terms to your customers in an attempt to remember it during the day.

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