Posted by : Amanda Stein Friday, February 22, 2013

All of us could be in better shape, and most of us have good intentions to start on that tomorrow. But have you thought about what kind of shape your marketing is in? How often do you work those muscles? Are you strong and vibrant? Or does your marketing enjoy sitting in a beanbag, watching TV with a big bowl of Cheetos? As with all exercise programs you should start slow, but make sure you start. You should also be consistent, be proud of your perseverance. And don’t forget to lift with your legs. Here is a workout to get your marketing back to fighting weight.

1. Stretch (your horizons) – Before doing any serious marketing workout, always stretch your horizons. See how far you can push yourself, how big you can dream, and how much you can dream. Write down your big goals and imagine how you can achieve those dreams.

2. Pull Up (to the task at hand) – To achieve any of your marketing goals you must define the steps needed and start working on them. Just like pull ups they are difficult first few times you do them, but they soon get easier. Schedule “pull ups” at least 1 hour every week. Block out one hour of your work calendar and start tackling those marketing tasks. The more you do them the easier it gets.

3. Sit Up (and take notice) – The business owners that are completely buff marketers make a point of noticing what their customers want, need, talk about, and are wishing they had. This exercise is one you should do every day to strengthen your core. Ask a customer for their input, create a survey, glean from your customer service reps. Get to know your perfect customer from every angle.

4. Lunge (for new markets) – Can you think of a market that you could serve that none of your competitors have even touched? Can you change the way you present your product or service to open up new potential customers? Find alternate venues to market yourself and it could make your bottom line a lot stronger.

5. Run (for distance) – Marketing is a long game, train like it. If you were planning on running a marathon, you would be wasting your time with 100 yard dash techniques. The day of the race you would be first off the line, but that may be as far as you get. Be patient, marketing takes time to get strong lasting results. Even if you don’t see immediate results, don’t stop.

6. Press (releases) – Your local paper, entertainment mags, and bloggers are always looking for story ideas. Press releases can be used to get the word out about your company. But better still, you can use social media as your press outlet. You can use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Vimeo to spread the news. Make your releases about your customers, not about you. Tell a story of how you helped a customer succeed. Everyone loves a good story.

7. Push Up (your visibility) – You can submit articles to blogs, publications, and local magazines to push up your visibility. By writing articles you are seen as the expert in your field. If you think that no one would want to read your articles, start with just submitting them to blogs and get some feed back. Not only does article marketing push up your visibility with potential customers, the original content pushes your visibility with SEO bots as well.

8. Deadlift (the deadweight) – Inventory what marketing you are doing with a critical eye. How much response are you getting from ads you agreed to buy? Did your direct mail get any traction? Does your catalog pull its weight in sales? Without wasting any more money, cut out all marketing you aren’t getting returns on. If you don’t see a profit from it, you should see a bill from it. EVERY marketing piece needs to make a profit, if it doesn’t it gets deleted.

Your New Years Resolution is all but forgotten but don’t let your marketing suffer for it. If you keep a sensible schedule for healthy marketing and exercise those marketing muscles, you will be in shape in no time. The marketing trainer was right when he used that famous quote, “If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” If you ever need a workout partner give me a shout. -

By Mark Combs,

Google Contributor

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