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So you want to send out regular email newsletters to your customers or readers. You probably already have some good ideas ready to go for the newsletters. But what happens when you start to run out of ideas and need new topics for articles?

Here are some tips you can use right now:

Articles for seasonal newsletters

From Christmas to the Fourth of July to Groundhog Day, you have a plethora of holidays that you can tie your newsletters into. There are also a slew of obscure holidays and month-long celebrations. For example, while many people may be aware that February is Black History Month, they may not know the February is also National Children’s Dental Health Month, National Cherry Month, and National Canned Food Month. You can use these ideas to tie in to your site, and your business.

And while you undoubtedly know that February 14 is Valentine’s Day and February 18 is Presidents’ Day, upcoming holidays also include Get a Different Name Day (February 13), Love Your Pet Day (February 20) and National Pig Day (March 1). Go to to find more ideas for email newsletters for your site.

Tie in news stories to your newsletter

You can write about topics in the news in your newsletter and it can serve as a form of email newsletter advertising. For example, if there is a big local news story about a mouse infestation at a library, and you are an exterminator, you can write about the mice, and talk about how such an infestation can happen to anyone, even in places you wouldn’t expect. 

Things like celebrity gossip and sporting events are fun to talk about in your email newsletter. The football playoffs and the Manti T’eo fake girlfriend story have been popular as of late in newsletters, and the Kardashians are always good for a chuckle. 

There is one note of caution here: you need to be careful with serious stories, so that you don’t look like you are exploiting a topic for your own gain. Many people have gotten in trouble for such things on the Internet, like when clothing designer Kenneth Cole appeared to make light of the political situation in Egypt. When in doubt, don’t. 
Write about your own customers or readers

Why not have a “Subscriber of the Month” feature? Writing about one of your readers, and talking about their interests, hometown, business, etc., could draw some interest, especially if you ask your readers to nominate themselves. And you are guaranteed to get some new subscribers whenever the person forwards the emails to his or her friends.

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