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We did have email before Google's mail, but Gmail has simplified it like nothing else. We take heart that our storage space is increasing not decreasing, our folders can be numerous in numbers, our contacts can be many and our displays can be as colorful or as bizarre as we choose. Yes, there's a lot going for Gmail.

Here are a few suggestions on advanced features and customization tips and tricks when you use Gmail:

1. Remote sign out
If you use Gmail on your computer, tablet and phone, you might forget to log out of one or more of your accounts. If that's the case, you can do so remotely. Here's how. Get to the end of your inbox. You'll see time and location of the activity of your account. Click on the ’Details’ tab to learn if your account is open elsewhere. Another page will open up now which will tell you whether or not your account is actually open elsewhere, recent activity like where your account was accessed from - what kind of device, IP address, date and time. You can log out of all sessions from one place. Handy, isn't it?

2. Desktop Notifications

The only way to ensure that you don't miss an important mail is to keep your Gmail account open while you work and continually refresh the page. If you have a Google Chrome browser, you can download an add-on that lets a pop-up tell you whenever you have a chat message or email. You can disable the chat notification through the Gmail settings; they are enabled by default. To enable your chat notifications or email notifications, you need to do this. Go to the Settings option on Gmail. Under ‘General’, you'll find Desktop Notifications. Now choose whatever you need, save your selections and you're done!

3. Themes

Themes have always been significant in Gmail as they help you personalize your experience and differentiate between, Let's say, work and fun. You now have a choice of high definition themes and light and dark versions too. You can choose a picture of your own or from the many on Featured Photos and create one to suit your mood. There’s so much more in the themes department, so do explore.

4. Attachments

If you need to send more than one attachment, you don’t have to select and upload them, one by one. Use the Command key if you’re on an iMac or the Ctrl key for Windows and click on the files that you need. Alternately, you can use the shift key for a group of files that are next to one another. You also have an option of clicking and dragging file icons from your desktop or folders to the ‘Attach a file’ space. Once you do that, you will be prompted to ‘drop files here to add them as attachments’. Make it all work and it's very simple.

5. Multiple sign-in on mobile phones

For those of you who access Gmail on your phone, you can sign into more than one Gmail account, like you would on a desktop computer. All you need to do is get to the bottom of the thread list and click on the account switcher and then choose ‘sign into another account’.

6.Vacation response

Thanks to Gmail, you can send automatic vacation responses so that when people get in touch with you when you’re on holiday, an email is sent to them, telling them you’re away and will get back to them or whatever you’d like the email to say.

For this, go to the Settings tab and choose Vacation Responder in the ‘General’ tab. Simply write your message and choose to ‘only send a response to people in my Contacts’, in case you don’t want the world to know you’re out holidaying. Save your preferences and you’re done. Choose the ‘end now’ option from the top of the page once you’re back.

Gmail has so many simple ways to make your life even simpler.

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