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There was a time when calls were considered expensive. The only economical means of communication was through letters, which took ages to reach the addressed person. Thanks to Internet, mails made communication easier and quicker. However, calls were expensive despite the online platform. This is when a wonderful website called Skype was created online. By becoming members on Skype, people are able to call their friends and family at small charges. In fact, Skype-to-Skype calls were made absolutely free. Not just phone calls, people can video conference if they wish to.

Today, the VoIP site owned by Microsoft is extending their hands towards small-scale businesses. The website announced their launch into workspace known as SITW. It is an online platform which is going to be compatible for small scale and mid-size businesses. It enables these companies to connect with their business partners around the globe. 

The uses of the feature:

The tool is available for free and is already in use as the beta trial period has brought together more than 500 companies and is offered them over 100 services once they signed-up and started testing the platform. Businesses that already have a Skype account can now connect with the tool through their account. Once they sign up, they can create offers or business opportunities by giving live demonstrations to live audience. This not only helps in bringing together a bigger crowd but also helps reach the larger audience. 

The members can also book appointments with their potential clients or suppliers and can keep a track of each and every meeting using the notification service. Users can also give testimonials on their experience after an opportunity is over. 

The head of Marketing from Skype has stated that with Skype offering their services to millions of customers and million joining their site every month, the new feature will offer an excellent platform to small businesses. 

It is a welcome addition made by Skype. With the American economy still in recovery, smaller businesses have to cut corners when it comes to expenditure and this is an excellent way to economize. 

The key functionalities of SITW are to offer:

  • A channel that offers business with the services they require from global experts.
  • A platform to make new connections, share ideas and grow the business on a larger scale. 
  • Help organize the contacts of the users.

Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. Though a single company cannot bring in a difference, collectively, they offer a huge change. An efficient and good communication is vital to the success of a business and Skype has definitely come up with a strategic move. It is a win-win situation for the user and the website. SITW helps users connect with their customers and other business associates better no matter the country they are located in. With this, users can cut down unnecessary expenditure. 

Before the official announcement on Skype entering into SITW, the company announced that Microsoft will be integrating their “Window Live Messenger” feature into their site. With this update, Messenger users can look forward to better support on various platforms which includes Apple and Android products, tablets, etc. it will enable video calling, messaging, calling mobile phones or land lines, conference calling, etc. With this feature included, calling is made compatible across all platforms.

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