Posted by : Amanda Stein Thursday, January 17, 2013

Today many believe that email has caused the death of the fax. However, when sending and receiving sensitive documents email is just not secure enough and therefore fax still plays a very important role in business today.

Users have been able to send and receive fax messages via their computer for some time. the latest cloud-based fax services are cheaper and more efficient, have powerful features and still provides all the benefits and security of traditional faxing.

There are many areas where Internet faxing can save businesses money when compared to manual faxing, here are a few:

1. You’ll have no need to buy a fax machine

Firstly, you can save money by not having to buy a separate machine in order to send and receive faxes, as you will be able to send them from your desktop computer.

Fax machines vary in cost and range from $50 to $500, depending on the machine that you purchase, so this can be saved by choosing to use an online fax service instead.

2. You save on paper costs

When using a manual fax machine every item that is received by the machine needs to be printed onto paper in order to view it. However, with an online fax service, faxes are received to an online inbox (similar to an email inbox) so documents can be printed as and when they are needed.

The average business fax machine consumes 5,000 sheets of paper annually, which costs approximately $200 in paper costs and isn’t good for the environment. It is usually the case that many of those pages could have remained in digital format and did not need to be printed, and therefore end up being thrown away.

3. You will not need as many ink cartridges

Again, as not all documents that are sent and received via fax need to printed as a hard copy, you can save money on ink cartridges for the fax machine, as a smaller number will be needed. This is because a smaller number of pages can be printed via a normal printer, only as and when they are needed.

4. No need for a separate phone line

In order to use a fax machine you need to use a phone line and if you send a high volume of faxes this can disrupt calls being made and received and therefore a separate fax line, which is charged on a monthly basis, is recommended. However, when using online fax this line is not required. Online fax services are usually charged on a monthly basis, but that cost is usually dependent on the number of faxes you send and receive in one month.

The typical cost of a separate fax line is $35 -$45 a month, plus any long-distance charges, so this cost can be eliminated by not having a manual fax machine.

Saving money is only one reason why Internet fax is such a great service. It is also beneficial as it can be used anywhere, anytime from various computers and other mobile devices, it’s also more eco-friendly and allows you to send and receive documents safely and securely.

Author Bio: Written by Mari Westberry, Senior sales Consultant, SecureCare Technologies, Inc. SecureCare securely digitizes, processes and stores sensitive information. Today it provides a ‘super secure’ cloud fax service named Sfax and Scrypt is a cloud-based document scanning and archiving solution.

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