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The New Year is upon us, and while we may have lofty goals and resolutions to carry out, there is still a range of day to day tasks to carry out in every business and organization.

Resolutions are hard to keep, so why not make it a priority to set the foundation for a solid year of successful business? You can then focus on specific goals. 
Having an organized work space is essential, and although we may seek improvement in our personal lives, we often forget to address the needs of our professional environment. However, having a tidy office will not only help you stay sane, it will help you meet the requirements of your position in a much more efficient manner. 

Order Organization Supplies

Take a moment to consider what it is you’ll need to help you completely organize your work space. Do you have sufficient files and locations to house each and every document? Perhaps you’re holding on to files you hardly ever need to access and they’re just taking up space in your office. 

Make a list of all the files, organizers, pen holders and miscellaneous supplies you’ll need and place an order as soon as possible. Unless you need elegant costly organizers for your desk, you can normally buy discount office products to help you in your quest for organization. 

You may even consider purchasing an additional file cabinet or sturdy box files for last year’s invoices. Just be sure you can easily access any documents should you need to quickly reference them. 

Organize your Computer

As you wait for your organization supplies to arrive, focus your attention on your most important piece of equipment. You can hardly expect to have an organized work space if you don’t address the clutter on your computer. 

Go through your inbox and delete as many stored emails as possible. Create folders for correspondence from different contacts, and file necessary messages accordingly. 

Block senders who repeatedly send you irrelevant material so that you won’t have to delete their messages on a daily basis. Create rules for incoming messages so that your email provider can do part of the organization work for you in the future. 

The aim is to have an empty inbox in which you can prioritize incoming messages and have them filed away by the end of the day. 

Spend Time Organizing 

When the discount office products you’ve ordered arrive, dedicate a solid amount of time to organizing every last item on and around your desk. Determine a functional filing system for your needs and file documents according to date, name and required accessibility. 

You’ll need your most-often used documents closest to you, while older or less common pieces can be stored farther away or even boxed up for storage off site.

Once you’ve satisfactorily arranged your work space, set aside a certain period of time each day for organization and filing. A few minutes in the afternoon tends to work well for most people, as they can take care of the day’s disorder and guarantee a tidy work space for the morning. 

Alice Waters is a business consultant and writer for Office Allsorts in the UK, where you can find a wide variety of discount office products for organization.

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