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Have you given much thought to the packing and packaging of your products? Packaging, when used creatively, can make a big difference to the success of your brand. Many small companies opt for simple, bland packaging in order to keep costs down, but they’re missing out on some amazing marketing opportunities.

Make Your Packaging Speak for Your Brand

When most people think of marketing, they think of direct mail, online ads, and telephone calls. Brand building does not begin and end with this kind of advertising. Creative and attractive packaging will attract the attention of buyers, encouraging impulse buys and helping to build brand recognition.

Outsource Packaging Design Services

Designing unusual, eye-catching or creative packaging takes a lot of time and research, and making that kind of packaging will require resources that most companies don’t have. It’s easy enough to print logos on square or rectangular boxes, but more eye-catching designs require specialist skills.
That’s where the services of an experienced packaging design team come in. Look for specialists with a proven track record who can help you to make cartons, tubs, pouches and sachets that will set your product apart from the competition. Whether you want easy-to-stack cartons, character-shaped sachets, or easy-grip bottles with no-spill lids, a good packing firm can work with you to make the design you dream of.

Case Study: Starbucks Take an Old Product and Conquer a New Niche

One recent example of a company that used packaging and presentation to enter new niches is Starbucks. The coffee store has dominated the “coffee as an experience” market for a long time, and their coffee grinds for use in home machines have also performed well.
Recently, however, they have expanded their coffee offerings to include easy to make “coffee-pods” for Tassimo coffee machines, and instant coffee sachets for busy road warriors and people that want great-tasting instant coffee on the go.

At launch in the UK, Starbucks’ VIA Instant Coffee cost £4.45 for 12 sachets. That’s quite expensive when you consider that a regular jar of coffee, containing more than 40 servings, cost only around £3.50 at the time. However, dedicated Starbucks fans loved the product because it tasted similar to the coffee shop offerings. To them, the opportunity to keep a sachet or two in their wallet so that they’re not forced to drink unbranded coffee or decaf while they’re away at a conference is too good to pass up. Starbucks knew their market, and knew how to make something that would stand out.

Start Thinking About Packaging Early

If you are in the R&D stage for a new product, it pays to think about packaging early on. Not only will this help you to decide the main selling points of your product, it will help to guide pricing, size and distribution decisions. If you can’t decide what direction to take with your packaging, consider launching a couple of different product lines aimed at different audiences and monitoring their performance. It may be that there is room for more than one style (and price point) in the market.

This post was written by James Harper on behalf of Hallmark Consumer Services who can advise businesses of all sizes in any aspects of packing and packaging.

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