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Good News! Google is working on a new phone. According to the latest reports it was brought to the Motorola Mobility that the researchers at Google are working hard on the Google’s new phone. So the good news is that Google is planning the X Phone in the market to launch itself in the handset market. 

Also according to the latest gulp of Wall Street Journal, it can be expected that the phone may come with a different flair in the market. It can be expected that the Google’s handset will come with great features that will make it an outstanding gadget in the market. It further said that you may expect the phones to be in the market by the mid of next year. Even Google wants the same but the main problem that it is stuck with is the slow motioned move of manufacturing side of the business.

And the growing up problems has even shaken up the basics of the research team in their progression to manufacturing of the X phone. The list of problems includes the suggestion of the bendable screen. And if the company lacks behind in coming out of this issue then probably this delay factor may also lay its effect on the plans of launch of X tablet that was to come afterwards. 

Also according to the Journal reports it was observed that Google was facing tough time maintain its prior built relations with the makers of Smartphone that portray Android. It was made clear that the project X phone is headed by former Google product manager Lior Ron. Motorola wanted better colour saturation on the camera and the ability to take panoramic shots. Another problem that it is facing is that the features extract allot of battery life and others that don’t do, are already resting in other devices.

It was further notified that the difficulties do lie in building up the bendable screen, as to get the materials required for the purpose such as ceramics that would allow the company to make the X Phone more stress resistant and better colours and shapes, is a tough task.

Developers have been sowing their positivity in the matter and say that the problems are normal enough, but there are many who still believe that these problems may for Google to rethink the deal.

Though Google claims that this device will give the best push to Android, but back of the mind it still agrees that this will grow in differences with its older hardware partners. 

Also it’s expected that with the launch of X phone Samsung may plan to bring in its "forked" version of Android to take Google out of the picture.

And to chuckle on the matter is the belief of many that Google’s Motorola will work as the back-up plan if Samsung does anything such. It purely believes that if they develop lots of exciting things on Android and demonstrate it working then Samsung will have to go along for the ride.

And the remaining group suggests that this outcome may surely direct the competition in a newer and an affordable direction for Google. And probably you may find real differences in the market. But for now all the customers need to stick up with their sole responsibility to wait for the new gadget to switch on in the market

-Authored by Sarah Bruce. Sarah is an SEO analyst and a Technical Support Specialist. Do visit MyTechGurus for further assistance or any Tech Support related issues or our channel on Technical support to help yourself. MyTechGurus is an Independent Remote Technical Support company.

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