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Here are some of the best SEO tools on the market. Many of them are free but most of them do require that you sign up for a free account, trail account or payment account. Nevertheless, if you have a website then you are very likely to find these tools useful. The list is in no particular order.

Domain Age Tool 

This tool allows you find out how old a website is and what the website originally looked
like when it first started and how much has changed over time.

Reciprocal Link Check

This tool is to help you find out whether your link partner is linking back to you. This tool
also helps you find any anchor text of your link partner.

Keyword Rankings

This tool gives you the chance to see changes that have been made in your search
engine results/rankings. It also allows you to track certain keywords and backlinks.

( have created a sitemap generator which enables you to create an
xml sitemap for Google and Yahoo. A sitemap generator can also be created as a
navigation option for human visitors.

Similar Page Checker 

This tool enables you to check if your website is similar to another website, and if it is,
you are able to change yours so that it is different. Using this tool prevents your website
being penalized by Google. If you make sure that your site is not the same as someone
else website it will prevent you from being accused of copying a website.

Search Engine Spider Simulator 

This tool is a way of viewing the content of web pages exactly how the internet browser
sees it, and shows the links the web browser sees.

Backlink Builder

This tool helps you prepare your backlinks, and gives you ideas for them using the
theme of your choice. If you want a good ranking then it is important that you use text

Competitor Analysis

This tool allows you to find out if your website is doing well compared to your
competitors. It allows you to find out how well your website performs well when
compared to your competitors.

Search Engines Submission

This tool allows you to easily and quickly upload your website to many different search

Keyword Density Calculator

This tool will order the main keywords you use in your work and put them in an ordered
list from the most frequently used keyword to the least used keyword.

Check SERP Position (

You can use keywords in the search engine to find out how far you will have to look,
to be able to find your website within the search engines results pages. Using different
keywords will bring up your website on different pages.

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