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Adjusting the volume control settings on your Apple iPhone isn’t as simple as using the “Volume Up” and “Volume Down” buttons located on the side of the device. While those buttons will give you basic control over the iPhone’s external speaker, you can achieve a larger amount of control over various audio aspects of the device by going through the “Settings” application. The “Settings” app allows you to adjust things like your ringer sounds, notification sounds and more with the type of accuracy you’ve come to expect from an Apple product.

Step 1

Open the iPhone’s “Settings” application using the same process you would if you were trying to connect to a new Wi-Fi network, trying to change the settings of a specific application or were performing any of the other functions the app allows on your iPhone. Scroll through the list of available options. Find and choose the category labeled “Sounds.”

Step 2

Locate the section on screen labeled “Ringer and Alerts.” Use the horizontal sliding bar in the “Ringer and Alerts” section to adjust the current volume of the ringer on your iPhone. The closer you move the slider to the right side of the screen, the louder your ringer will be. Moving the slider to the left of the screen lowers the volume of the ringer. Note that the “Ringers and Alerts” slider bar also controls the volume of certain notification noises like your new e-mail notification or any alert reminders.

Step 3

If you want to be able to adjust the volume of your iPhone’s ringer using the physical volume buttons located on the side of the device, tap the button labeled “Change with Buttons.” The grey “Off” button will read “On.” Increasing the volume of your device using the volume buttons will now control both regular audio and your ringer and alert volumes simultaneously.

Note that if you’re playing a song on your device, however, the volume buttons will still only control the audio of the song and will not control the audio of your ringer.

Step 4

Use the physical “Mute” button on the side of your device to instantly mute or unmute your ringer and notification volume. If you’re getting ready for bed and don’t want to be alerted to a new notification during the night, for example, switch the “Mute” button to “On” to mute all noises. Switch it back to “Off” in the morning so that you can continue to hear your ringer and notification noises.

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