Posted by : Amanda Stein Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What’s the first app to install when you get a new iPhone/iPad? I guess most people will choose Twitter, YouTube or Instagram. So why don’t you let your expensive iPhone/iPad help you ease your burden in work and life?

The list below contains 7 apps which can do you a favor, to ensure you remember everything on your shopping list when you go to Wal-Mart, complete all the tasks on your to-do list, or check your bill in time.


Evernote (Free)

This app can remember everything for you. You can write some lines or just take a photo as you want. You can sync your notes on all the gadgets you have, of course you can also take notes on any of them.

You can use this app to record your shopping list, to-do list, study notes, reading digest and more..

BillMinder ($1.99)

I bet you will definitely agree with this truth about bill: When a Bill is approaching the dead-line, you will remember it and put it in the most important place in your head, but you won’t keep it in mind in all-time.

Bill Minder is such a simple app which just reminds you that your bill is approaching the dead-line, helps you focus on on your job while won’t miss out your bills.

Clear ($1.99)

The most sexy app this year, it peaked the gesture operation to a higher altitude. Clear believes in the minimal concept while doesn’t weaken its features, it makes completing your to-do list a joyment.

Grocery IQ (Free)

Are you often needing a shopping list? When will you use it? Grocery IQ can wipe out your hesitations in shopping, what you need to do is only telling it what you need to buy and carry it with you, then it will record your shopping list and maximizes your shopping efficiency

Remember The Milk (Free)

Remember The Milk is a to-do list app, it integrates Outlook, iCal, Gmail, Twitter and some other online services to remind you of those to-do tasks. You can manage your to-do list with this app even if you haven’t installed any email or calendar app.

iRewardChart ($3.99)

Have you ever felt sad you scarcely remember what you’ve done when you were a baby. This app can help you preventing this from happenning on your children, use it to record what they are doing, how they make you happy, and their growth process. As this is such a cute app, you need to pay for it.

TaskRabbit (Free)

When you have bunch of things to do, will you feel a bit lost? This app can help you focus on those most important tasks when you have no idea how to arrange your works.

All these apps above are available in iTunes App Store, and most of them are all providing iPhone/iPad versions.

Jonny Greenwood, a fan of eBooks and gadgets. Addicted to all kinds of tricks about cellphones, tablets, and eReaders, working for Epubor at the moment.

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