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The massive mistake most people make is working a job to pay bills. Think about it. You are spending 40 hours of 52 weeks, each year, to simply make money. Which of course means you are giving away at least 40 hours of each week of your life to make ends meet. This is absurd, and it is a chief reason why so many people are ridiculously unhappy. Nope, you should find and work a job you love, to spend these 40 hours weekly doing something you enjoy. The bonus? You get to pay the bills too. Never sacrifice your happiness for making payments on time. Never.

Why would you do this when so few people work jobs they love? Think of it this way: if you do what most other people do you will wind up like most other people. This means you will probably be unhappy, and not make too much money, to boot. It might feel super uncomfortable but you will need to break away from the crowd if you dream of making money online. This is the simple truth, no matter how hard it feels to embrace it.

You will be the subject of criticism. You will be the object of scorn. People who are unhappy with their life choices will project their unhappiness on you. Accept this as part of the game, of living your life by design, because when you embrace these difficulties you will feel that much better about making the decision to work a job you love.

The Time Element

Imagine the average human lifespan. Then imagine spending 1/3 of each, for 5 days out of every 7 days, for 40 or 50 years, doing something you dislike doing, or even outright hate doing. This is insanity. You have this life to live now, and if you choose to spend almost a third of your life working a job to put food on your table or pay the mortgage you are making a mistake. Why? You can put food on the table and pay the mortgage working a job you love to work. You have to look a little deeper, you have to ask around, and you must research, but it is definitely worth it, to do this legwork, instead of working a job you hate.

Happiness Truth

You are born to be happy. You are born to do what you love to do. This is not some silly mantra or idea, it really is the truth. Note too, how people who love what they do for a living generally make a great deal of money. Yes, the money you so desire, that you crave, to pay bills, will flow to you easily as you work a job or business that makes you happy. This is the great paradox so few people embrace, or learn. If you are happy first then the money flows in with greater ease, because your work does not feel like work, and this makes you magnetic to good things.

Stop working for bills. Be happy, and choose a job that you will enjoy and that will pay the bills.

Author Bio: Kelli Cooper, writing for getarealdegree, is a freelance writer who enjoys writing pieces that motivate people to live their dreams and follow their happiness.

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