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If you are new to the internet marketing world, you might be wondering what ezines are, and what ezine advertising is. Well, an ezine is an online newsletter or magazine that is usually sent out via an email list. Subscribers opt into the mailing list for the ezine.

How does an ezine work?

The idea behind it is the opposite of spam; instead of sending to disinterested people, ezines are only sent out to the people who are not only interested in the content, but who have opted into receiving the ezine. This means that the subscribers have actively given out their email addresses to get the ezine, and in some cases, they didn’t just submit their address, but they had to click on an email they received from the publisher in order to confirm their subscription.

Basically, an ezine can cover any sort of topic, from flowers to heavy metal music to computing. And the format of ezines can include graphics, articles, polls, reader feedback, or all of these items.

Why advertise in an ezine?

There are a variety of reasons you might want to run an ad in an ezine. One of them is that the cost is pretty reasonable as compared with other forms of advertising, like print or display advertising online. 

The second reason, which is arguably even more important than the cost, is that ezine advertising can help you target your audience much more effectively than other forms of advertising. Instead of running ads where only a small percentage of the audience may potentially be interested in your product, ezine advertising can reach exactly the type of people that you want to sell your product or service to. For example, if you sell DVDs of heavy metal bands, and you want to let people know about your collections, then running an email advertisement in that heavy metal newsletter could target the exact readership you want. 

The third reason is the halo effect. What that means is that if the ezine’s customers are a big fan of the ezine, they could be a big fan of you, because you are helping to support the ezine. So you could get some residual benefits from the ads.

What types of ads are available?

That would depend upon the ezine’s format. You may be able to get ads at the top of the page, on the top right of the ezine, the bottom of the page, or other locations. You can also be a solo advertiser – be the only ads in the newsletter. It all depends upon the advertiser – and on you.
How can I find ezines to advertise?

There are a variety of options here. You can look for ezines on your own, or you can use an email marketing company to help you find the best ezine advertising locations for your needs. 

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