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Good link building is crucially important for your company website. An array of quality sites linking to your site will help move you up the search engines and position you to where you need to be. Good online marketing is essential.

It will promote your business and get your site to where your potential customers will see it. After all, it is no good having a great looking company website if nobody knows it is there and cannot find you easily.

The number of sites that link to your site shows the search engines such as Google that your site is valuable to other people and has plenty of traffic. The Search bots do not really look at your content or evaluate it in anyway. They are just machines so use links as a way of gauging how relevant your site is to viewers and how busy and current it is.

This characteristic was exploited in previous years. Link farms were used by some unscrupulous online marketing companies as an easy way of generating hundreds of links. However, this is now seen as spam and the Google search engines countered this movement by identifying specific attributes associated with link farms and in many cases removing entire domains from the web page index.

So what can good link building do for your company? It can do lots. Links are important and have been described as the juice that fuels the internet. Great inbound links to your site will show that you have credibility and are popular.

Link building boosts your page ranking. A good online marketing company will ensure that link building strengthens your company profile and is relevant to your business.

Since the early days of online marketing, it is not enough to get links from any type of site. High profile websites linking to your site are much more valuable than small insignificant sites. Any major site such as a government, educational organisation or similar with extensions such as edu or gov are very desirable.

Major media sites such as the BBC all rank higher than other links and one of these is worth much more than say a link to your local tennis club or similar – especially if it is not relevant to site content. Similarly, linking to undesirable sites may negatively impact your web page ranking.

Link building is a specialised business and a vital component of online marketing. Your online marketing expert will identify the best sites to link with and make steps to approach them. Sometimes he or she will simply contact a good site to link with, by email or phone and just ask.

Although the world of online marketing can seem very technology focused when it comes down to it, these are just ordinary people running and maintaining businesses.

All business professionals know that nothing works better for business than a network of contacts. Like strengthening your business network, link building relies on good connections and mutual profitability.
Online marketing may be a new concept that has developed over the last decade but essentially follows the same tradition of the business networking of the old pre internet days.

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