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Recently, many people are obsessed by the idea of building their own business. Moreover, small company is a great possibility for turning your dream into reality, by means of the talent, smart ideas, a thought-out plan and competent strategy. As a result, in excess of 70% of Americans want to start their own business.

Benefits of establishing your own small business:

  1. You are financially independent. Therefore, own business allows you to make decisions and manage, not follow the boss’s orders. Today, most people have chosen to start their affair, instead of working for other people.
  2. Flexible schedule provide an opportunity for you to work as often and long as you see fit. With the help of own business, you can work at home, saving money on transport.
  3. Not only large organizations make big profits, many aspiring entrepreneurs, implemented great ideas, get huge money rewards. Own business can be your new source of profit-main or additional, depending on success of your company.
  4. If you don’t derive pleasure of your current work and have strength and potential, self-realization is what you need. After market research and right choice sphere of activity you will turn boring life into interesting hobby. This way, your firm can be successful, because it is essential to deal with the business, which brings you moral satisfaction.
According to the Small Business Administration, 7 of 10 new companies remained after 2 years, half of them kept beyond 5 years, a third continued to work since 10 years, and only two companies have succeeded over the period of 15 years. So, most people need to take notice of ins and outs of small business, consider the impact of their activities, to make a detailed plan, search for ways to achieve set goals.

Useful financial tips for small business owners:
  1. On rare occasions, a great business idea comes instantly, as a rule, brainchild is developed after a while, owing to research and analysis. It is important, especially for small business, you should study in details future field of activity, consult with financial experts, use the experience of other business owners not to repeat their mistakes. In addition, you should make elaborated plan and choose the right strategy to be successful and obtain significant results.
  2. It is essential to maintain a solid personal credit score. Thus, you can easy get funding, good credit score will show your attitude to financial obligations and debts, with its help, future partners, providers, investors make out as far as you are responsible. Moreover, to improve a personal credit score is vital not only for a start, but for future rise of your small company, providing perspectives.
  3. Marketing is one the main point to your success. Today the Internet is the most convenient and efficient way to attract customers. A web page about your company and offered goods, services will save your money and be financial tool. Furthermore, you can print small cards with your telephone, e-mail and website. In the future, regulars will advise your firm to their friends or families.
  4. Bookkeeping is the key to your successful business. Small business owners should keep track of income and expenses, thus you will be always aware of the financial situation, to manage and control your money and even predict future costs. Many people consider bookkeeping is the most important part for small business owners, because it depends on financial decisions. Fortunately, there are many bookkeeping programs or financial apps which help you in this complicated matter.
  5. Many entrepreneurs are tempted by the idea of start their own small business without necessary amount of money. In addition to, they even don’t know how much they need, say nothing of in what way and terms they will pay off debts. One of the main things you should take into account is growth rate- at the beginning your profit will be small for several months. That is why you need additional sum for maintaining the required level of business.
  6. Exactly customers can influence on your company’s growth and popularity. You can’t afford to lose customer, otherwise, they will go to your competitors-they require respect, special care and attitude. Try to set a rule-the client at a premium, so the customer is always right, just if it is not true.
  7. Many small business owners have to apply for loans for funding. Try to repay your debt as fast as possible. The lesser your debts, higher is your profits-that's why it is essential competently use of the loan, only for needs. 
  8. Talk about terms with creditors, if you have financial problems instead of file for bankruptcy. It is profitable for lenders as well as for you- creditors will receive few or no money, if you go bankrupt. Through bargaining you may provide you more time.

Nowadays, it is obvious that growth of small business owners has increased. For different reasons, more and more people want to implement their business ideas. Moreover, it is simple to start a business, but it is very complicate to succeed and profit.

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