Posted by : Amanda Stein Monday, December 3, 2012

Whether you own a big health care agency or a college, it is extremely important to have a strong as well as effective online presence. Just imagine how great it would be if people can get a fair idea about their desired products as well as purchase that only at a single click on their computer screen. If you really want to increase the percentage of your profit, make sure that your website is perfectly ecommerce customized and offers an excellent user experience to your valuable customers. 

Though you can always hire professionals to get a perfectly customized website, having the basic knowledge will allow you to contribute ideas as well. Here are some effective tips to design an e-commerce customized website. Have a quick look –

  • Unique look for the website – An e-commerce customized website should be designed in such a manner so that it grabs the visitors’ attention. If the website looks appealing the customers will stick to it to know the features in detail and even will promote it to their friends. Every aspects like the background template, font color and size, videos and images, titles and sub headings should be chosen with utmost care so that they perfectly fit in the lay out.

  • Proper Product Images –Ensure that high quality product images are provided so that the customers can get a fair idea about the products. Mention the price and the product features in detail right under the product image. If you are offering any discounts or special packages mention them in the first page. Highlight the USPs of the product and provide a well written description that will answer the basic queries like size, dimensions, available colors etc.

  • Make things easily purchasable – Remember that the main objective of your website is to sell products/services. It is therefore extremely important that your customers can find and click the buy button easily. Place the button at a place where it can be noticed easily. The entire process of making the purchase should not be very time consuming or complicated. Make the shopping cart visible to the customers at all the times. This will allow them to see what they have already brought and how much have they spent and thus they will be able to keep the track of their purchases. Ensure that all the credit card details provided by the customers, are secured and should not be disclosed to anyone at any cost. 

  • Provide a Search Bar – Make sure that the search bar is provided at a convenient place in your website so that users can find it easily and search for products based on their names or according to the product IDs.

  • Promote Other Products – Design the product page in a way so that you can promote other products as well. For example if you are selling mobile phones, make sure that there is a link to other mobile accessories like headphones or chargers in a separate section on that product page. 

  • Provide a FAQ section and online chat – Though you will explain the functionality of the website in detail in the “How it Works” section, but still visitors will have some basic queries. Hence, provide a well researched FAQ section. Also, provide an online forum or chat support. 

Ensure Absolute Functionality with Safe and Secured business transaction – As you have to build strong relationships with your customers, make sure that all the product information, customer details and the funds transfer is secured. The most basic question that a buyer has on his mind when he visits an ecommerce site is how reliable is it to pass on significant personal information like credit card details, phone number, e-mail id etc. Make sure that you have installed Firewall Protection so that the vital information stored in your system cannot be hacked easily. Thus ensure absolute functionality which will provide an excellent user experience.

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