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In fact, an investment in knowledge is the greatest thing for our world. Teachers and parents are looking for different techniques to develop the skills of their children. Educational apps for iPod play an important role in improving learning skills. Here are some useful language apps to enrich your children’s vocabulary.

Montessori Crosswords is useful game to expand vocabulary words for your kids. The game includes three difficulty levels. In each level, kids will drop the letters to the crosswords according to the pictures on the screen. The pictures include animals, people or things. Kids practice words with the same phonetic sounds like cat and hat.

Some students get confused when they are dealing with prepositions of places and time. They can’t put the right prepositions in sentences or according to the meaning of the sentences. Preposition Builder app shows different images of a large story, and then students choose a preposition to complete the sentences. If their answers are correct, students will watch the animation of the whole story.

The most popular competition at schools is the Spelling Bee. Students at Elementary schools are eager to study wordlists, participate and pass the different levels of the competition. Now Spelling Bee app on your iPod will train your kids on spelling and vocabulary words. This app includes the wordlists, and the definition of each word in the list. It also includes audio feature where they can listen to the words and spell it correctly. You can choose the length of the words, so the app will improve your kids’ performance step by step.

Some children have problems in sorting words and phrases by parts of speech. Word sort app will help your children to practice parts of speech. This app explains parts of speech to the children before playing the games. Children sort different number of words and phrases at a time in each level of the game. This kind of interactive game makes learning more fun for kids.

Students might face problems in studying homophones. Homophones are the words that have the same pronunciation, but have different meaning and spelling like see and sea. Students can learn better with the Same Sound Spellbound app where they can identify the homophones that complete the meaning of the sentence.
One way to enrich your kids’ language is using the opposite app. This app helps children to study the words, the definitions, and antonyms in an illustrated way. The game includes more than eight levels in which the kid can practice antonyms gradually. 

Children always like to move around and create their own things. It is incredible for them to use their imagination and create their own stories. The story kit app will help children to have their unique stories. Children can take pictures, type the text and record their voices through story kit app. They can save their stories and share it with their friends.

Finally, language apps will expand children’s vocabulary and improve their learning performance at schools. They will enjoy learning and playing at the same time. On the other hand, Parents should select the proper iPod Touch cases for their children to give full protection for this valuable device. 

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