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A true Fact: You can become a doctor to your system. What would be your reaction, when every now and then your application crashes, kernel panics, and failures in simple programs that have worked for a long time? You may feel irritated and tensed about the failure that is troubling you. it is definitely the RAM failure. When you have to hog up your time in working on computer then this may happen frequently and it has also been seen that this becomes a frequent practice if you don’t fix it correctly. The software likeMemtest86+ and a quick RAM replacement may fix the problem once recognized, but determining the cause was not easy. 

Crack the Symptoms Correctly

It has frequently been observed that the address what you type to your computer isn’t exactly the same you get back. Also this may further lead to corruption of data programs that crash, and even kernel "oops"es and kernel panics. But the situation isn’t the same when only a particular part of the RAM is corrupt, in such a situation only a few programs may fail. But if you don’t put this into the perfect shape soon then surely something big may soon happen. Also at times some fumbling things may even create big problems to your computer. You may also note this when such problems reoccur soon after you switch off your computer for a while and switch it on again.

At times very minor programs happen to fail; it’s generally when it tends to affect the memory. Also if you stuck up in a condition when the program works on a click but denies on a later click then definitely it’s the memory that is creating problem for you. This is because the usage of memory differs from time to time. 
Diagnosis Is Anyhow Important

Now you are on the verge where you know that it’s the memory that is troubling you then it would be advisable to bring in a good solution. You may even run a memory test while booting from a CD. Also allow it to go around at least one entire test suite, and wait for the pass result to increase to 1. And rather it would be advisable that you to go to bed, i.e. overnight, so that it may get many successful runs.

If still you come across error then its better if you change the RAM. RAM doesn’t costs you allot, and in this process you can even upgrade your system. Also try to run the solution once again when you replace, so that it ensures that it is totally fixed.

Authored by Sarah Bruce. Do visit MyTechGurus for further assistance or any Tech Support related issues. MyTechGurus is an Independent Remote Technical Support company.

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