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With the social media influencing the lives of millions of people, it is not surprising that entrepreneurs have seriously begun to cash in on its advantages. Whether it’s creating a page on Facebook, tweeting the latest promotions on Twitter or responding to queries on Foursquare, these are all commonly followed practices by today’s savvy marketers.

There are even more ways of digital marketing employed by successful sellers, like webinars, podcasts and Facebook Events. The other way to do it, is to host a real life event (like a food tasting, bike ride, charity walk and so on) and publicize it on Facebook. This way you can reach a far wider audience than you would by other methods. If you are looking for bigger fish to fry, you can even spend a little on advertising on FB. 

Creating an FB event is simple enough. Once you login to your business page, you will find the option to create an event. In the window that pops up, enter the required info and hit create. Upload a photo that will grab the visitors’ attention.

Every time you update the event, emails go out to people you are invited. You know how annoying telemarketers are, don’t you? Well, unsolicited emails are the same. If your invitees keep getting emails about your event, it’s pretty likely that they will high tail it out of there. Solution? Don’t update unless absolutely necessary. Better still, create new posts on the Event page, and only then invite others.

Additional info or updates could be info about dress codes, seating, or instructions on where to register (maybe like a separate Events page). This is especially important if the attendees need to submit additional info about themselves or if they have to make some payment.

Now about the Promotion

There are several ways to promote the event. Let’s say you have a webinar scheduled in the near future. On your business page, you could upload an image of your title side and provide a link to the Event page and the signup page, all in the post.

Then you share this post on your personal account’s timeline. But if you have a lot of FB friends as your business fans, then it would be better to wait a couple of hours before sharing on your timeline.
The more likes and share you get, the larger number of people you engage with, and the bigger your reach.

On the event page, specify that you will be attending the event. Then you send out invites to your friends; but do use your discretion and limit the invitations to people you know would not find it difficult to attend, and those who are at least a little interested in the topic.

The page will show how many people were invited and how many have confirmed attendance. For this reason, it would be nice to stagger your invitations. If you send out 500 invites and only 5 accept on the first day that will be a bummer. But suppose you invite a 10, and 3 or 4 accept, it will be seen more positively. When people see their friends’ names in the ‘Will Attend’ list, they might also think of joining in. 

If you want further publicity, check out Facebook advertisements, like a promoted posts or targeted ads. The charges for promoted posts are variable and usually depend on the number of fans your page has. Targeted ads can be used if you feel that this particular event will be beneficial to some people who have not yet become fans of your business page.

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