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We live in an incredibly visual age. People are becoming increasingly image conscious (sometimes out of necessity because of the jobs that they do), and this is spilling over into the kinds of products that they buy.  First impressions matter, and for many products, the quality of the packaging may be just as important as the quality of the product itself.

Even Products Should Dress to Impress

The way you package your product can make a big difference to the way the buyer perceives it when they open the packaging. Imagine that you make jewelry to sell on Etsy or eBay.  You could slip your rings or necklaces into a clear plastic wrapper, and then post those simply wrapped items in jiffy bags.  You can be confident that the product will arrive intact, since the jiffy bag is strong and well padded. Your customers, however, may be disappointed with the purchase.

A piece of jeweler is usually a luxury purchase.  There’s a good chance that the item is intended to be used as a gift, and the buyer will want to make sure that it looks great when the recipient sees it.  A small item floating around in an envelope – which probably looks scruffy after having been tossed around in a postal van – is hardly a good form of presentation for a gift.

Presentation cases for jewelry are incredibly inexpensive, especially if bought in bulk, and they make even inexpensive items such as silver rings or simple charms look like a million dollars.

Affordable, Quality Packaging

If you are selling books, DVDs, video games or other items that are already boxed, your primary concern when shipping them will be making sure that they arrive in good condition.  Posting such items in a jiffy bag will usually do the job, however if the item is quite large or fragile, you may want to add an extra protective layer of bubble wrap.

Incredibly fragile items such as ornaments should be packaged especially carefully.  It is a good idea to wrap those items in bubble wrap, put them in a snug-fitting box, and then put that box in a second padded container.  If you are shipping something like a computer hard drive, you may be able to buy foam padding that has been cut to fit the drive and hold it firmly in place.

Packaging can be expensive, especially if you are shipping just a one-off item.  However, if you are selling lots of similarly sized items, you can save a lot of money on shipping costs by buying your jiffy bags, Styrofoam, boxes and envelopes in bulk. If you are a private seller, you could cut costs even further by re-using boxes and envelopes from deliveries that you have received yourself.  This is not something that a business should do, however, as it can look unprofessional. It’s better to charge more for careful packing and handling than it is to cut corners when dealing with your customers.

Treat good shipping and packing practices as an investment, rather than a cost. The box your product comes in is the first thing that most people will see, and as such it is an important part of your brand.

This article was written by Amy Fowler on behalf of UK Packaging, packaging experts and retailers of jiffy bags. Visit their site to find out more about jiffy bags and their other packaging products.

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