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Owning a small business has its own challenges and perks. The costs maybe a little more conservative than a corporation but the similarity lies in marketing. Both small and big businesses are now venturing in social media to promote their products and services because of the increasing hours people spend online to browse and shop instead of going out in malls or just in their neighborhood or writing essay about it.

If you have a small business, then hit down to read for ways to make your social media presence immensely felt:

  • Develop ways on how to make your product or service unique

Any social media marketing tactic is useless if your product is stale and to some degree, boring. Social media is all about something new or something old with twists. Go back to the drawing board and take a closer look at your product or service. Get a couple of fresh eyes to solicit new perspectives on main selling points, stand out points, and potential of your product or service. Make sure that your product is social-media friendly. 
All products and services have the potential to be fit for social media but there are some which are friendlier and easier to market. That is why you have to study your product to check how to make it more engage-worthy.

  • Choose the place where your target market consistently hangs out at

There are almost a hundred social networking sites out there and your goal is not to promote your product or service in all of them. Choose the ones which best suit your product. Photo and video sharing sites are better for products that are visually-interesting and services which have interaction with customers. Products or services that have less engagement with customers and are less visual like writing services are better off in news-sharing and micro-blogging sites which are all text-savvy. 

However, there is the trifecta that you should have an account on – Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. The first two are the most frequented social media sites and generate instant customer response while the third one is for the small business owner’s profile. Nowadays, people want to see the face behind a product and to communicate directly with them.

  • Come up with regular activities that will get customers to engage in

When you go to social media, you have to be always up on your feet. There should be a steady and reasonable flow of contest, raffles, and even games to garner participation from both loyal and possible customers. The actual product or service is not the only thing that is a cause for buzz in social media, but how you market it as well. If customers see that there is evolution and fun, they will immediately spread the word like fire.

A word of caution, though. Make sure that you will be consistent when it comes putting up contests or raffles. Avoid making them a one-time thing or else your small business will be branded as a one-time thing as well and not worth patronizing because there is zero consistency.

  • Use casual and inviting language

Tone down on business jargon and go healthily heavy on conversational and niche-related lingo. This makes marketing through social media easier and a higher possibility of getting noticed because things are light. If you cannot avoid using technical terms, relate them to your audience in a matter-of-fact manner, not in a know-it-all way. Take call-to-action words to another level, instead of using ‘order’, why not use ‘get’ or ‘grab’. 

Using everyday language in promoting in social media will make you and your product or service more accessible to customers. They will feel friendlier with using the product or availing of the service.

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