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Email advertisements are one of the wisest marketing methods you can do. With such ads, you can target your perfect customers, and if the ads run in the right place, you can even get a bit of a halo effect.

So what do you need to do to create a great email advertisement? Follow these steps, and you should be successful:

Write the ad after you think about what you want to advertise, and what success is

Are you starting a new company? Do you have a new product to tell people about? An old product you are putting on sale to clear out your stock? Begin with the end in mind. What is it you would like to do, and what success would look like to you. This should get you started on what you want to market in your ad. Then write up your ad.

Set up the right landing page

If the ad will go to your website, make sure you have a specific landing page for the product, which looks like the rest of your site. For example, if you make a variety of food products, and you are selling a great jelly that you are running an ad about, you don’t want to send your customers willy-nilly all over your site to look for the jelly. Instead, have a click on the jelly ad take you right to a page where customers can purchase the jelly.

Find the right newsletter

You can do this of two ways – one is to find the right newsletter yourself for the ad. The second is to go to an email marketing company like LiveIntent, who can not only place the ads for you, but also give you guidance about the ads and even help create the ads.

Have the newsletter run the ad to the audience you want

You can start out with just having the ads run to a small audience, to see how the email ads are working. Then, you can increase your audience. You can also test out different ads to see which ads work best for what you are attempting to do. The more you test and try things out, the more success you can potentially have. 

Try different email newsletters

In keeping with that Always be Testing ethos, run your ads in different places to see how they work. You can then build upon that for future continued success with your email ads. 

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