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Blogging services not only give a voice to writers regardless of their ages, technological levels and interest, it also allows them to share their points of view on various issues and receive comments on the same. Although there are a variety of blogging services one interesting thing about all of them is the fact that most of them are free and available for casual as well as non - demanding professional uses. This simply means that regardless of whether you are working solo or even if you represent an organization you will be able to easily take advantage of these services to help you realize your set objectives. For instance, you can choose to start a blog for marketing purposes or simply launch a blog and make frequent posts just for fun.

Reasons why you should take advantage of blogging services

Blogging services will give you a lot more exposure on search engines consequently increasing your rankings and generally steer you towards success. Also, you will benefit from links to a huge circle of social networks which will make it easier for you to capture the attention of your target audience. Most importantly blogging services can easily be customized to fit whichever kind of intentions you have for it whether for business or for pleasure.

Below is a summary of the things you can do with a personal or professional blog courtesy of blogging services

  1. Personal blog: you can use your personal blog as a journal or as a platform to make notes of your special interests or even make it a family blog so that fellow family members can also always login to add posts and image sharing then with the rest of the family.
  2. Professional blog: you can either choose to take advantage of blogging services to run product promotions, customer education or even publish news covering local events as well as making information updates through your blog.

The Best Blogging Services

  1. Blogger: it serves as a hit blog services run by Google. The best thing about it is the fact that it even allows both novice and experienced bloggers to broadcast their thoughts and opinions while at the same time allowing them to maintain an organized, simply and very easy to use posting function. What's more, it offers bloggers a wide variety of blogging templates to choose from plus it makes it easy for bloggers to join online communities consequently sharing their views on common issues.
  2. Typepad: it is slightly different from other common blogging services in the sense that it carters for the technologically- attuned. This is evident from the fact that it provides podcasting tools, memoir functions as well as video platforms to help send out your messages or share views.
  3. it serves as a free blogging service site and offers RSS feeds amongst other really cool and useful blogging features and options for both novice and experienced bloggers.
  4. apart from being free it also offers a variety of templates each with anti spam features.

Note: Others include: (which offers more than 40 MB of free online space for blogging), (offers unlimited bandwidth for free members) and (free and offers both private and public displays coupled with up to 2 GB storage for bloggers).

Key features to look for in blogging services

In short, while looking for a blogging service, look for one that guarantees you the much needed exposure you will need to compliment your level of expertise. Below is a summary of the key features to take into consideration when choosing blogging services:

  1. Blog design tools: A good blog site is one that offers an assortment of templates coupled with customized blog entries which include the capability to add links as well as photos. The blogging services ought to offer tools that make it easy to compose and post both in code as well as through text editors.
  2. Promotion / tracking tools: look for a site that either: hosts its own blog site and has a directory or one whose blogging services facilitates blog design and will also allow for submission of your blog to various directories. Also make sure that the blog site is able to help you track visitors, comments and even referrers.
  3. Simplicity / ease of use: look a blogging service that is simple and you can work with regardless of your level of expertise.
  4. Technical support / help: makes sure the blog site has posted tutorials as well as a weblog covering help topics.

Author Bio: Azariah Daniels is a web publisher and writer for Her expertise includes web technology, website design, online business and marketing.

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