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The new iPhone 5 is released now and Apple has already sold over five million units in the first week itself, so the first time buyers of iPhone and even old iPhone users who have upgraded to iPhone 5 might be looking for some useful tips and ideas to use this amazing iPhone.

The iPhone is well known for its convenient user experience and it’s also one of the selling points for iPhone. However, not everyone do understand that there are numerous short cuts, tricks and tips for iPhone 5 which can make iPhone users’ life much simpler.

In this article we are going to discuss 5 vital tips and tricks for iPhone, some are very basics and some are very advanced.

1) Camera 

If history is unfolding in front of you - or your buddy is trapped in a very compromising or funny position that deserves camera click - sliding thru lots of applications to search for the iPhone camera may result in a missed chance.

You can easily open your camera in just two clicks if your screen is locked; you have to just click twice on the home button to get a camera icon at the bottom of the screen. Touching this new icon will directly take you to the camera.

Additional trick: the side volume-up button on the iPhone works like a physical shutter switch.

2) Security

Security of your iPhone is very important and you can do it in Settings >General >Passcode Lock and set one up. This will avoid people from having a glance thru your iPhone. You can even put your auto lock timer inside Settings >General that will both preserve you battery power and boost the safety of your iPhone. If you are assured that you are able to recall your 4-digit PIN, then there is also a program to get your iPhone clean on its own (deleting all the memory completely) if the PIN is inserted wrongly Ten times continuously. This is the best to protect your data if it is lost.

3) Let Siri get to know your family 

In case you are unfamiliar with Siri then you may wish to play around it. You can activate Siri by Pressing and holding your Home button, and when “What can I help you with” pops up touch the “i” and you will have a list of what exactly Siri does.

Make new friends with Siri and permit her in your life by setting nicknames in your contact list. This can be done either manually or with voice command. It is possible to teach Siri regarding individuals and places by indicating it things such as “Mark is my Bro.” You can even dictate emails and messages. In fact, using iOS 6, you may also use Siri to write Facebook and twitter updates. You can even release applications using Siri now.

4) Safari 

There are numerous new features in Apple safari to take benefits of, which includes iCloud tab support, offline reading, and the capability to publish pics on sites.
Full screen browsing - To enjoy your favorite website in full screen you need to just rotate the iPhone in the landscape mode and touch on the 2 arrows directing away from each other at the bottom right on the display screen.

  • iCloud Tab - If you have Safari then click on the bookmarks symbol and then click on iCloud Tab. It is going to display all the tabs you had opened on your computer even if it's off. And it is going to be displayed on other gadgets having iOS 6 on them and connected to the similar profile. 

  • Offline Reading - You can now read offline on Safari with iOS6, its very helpful if you are carrying reading stuff Underground or on a Flight that does not have Wifi. In order to do this, the website page which you intend to save, you need to hit "Share" symbol at the bottom of your phone and touch on the "Add to Reading List" symbol. 

  • Image Upload - Earlier there was no option to upload the images on websites such as Facebook, Flickr directly from your iPhone, it can be done now. In order to do this you need to go to the website on which you intend to upload a picture and touch the "Choose File". You will be able to choose an image on your iPhone Photos gallery. 

5) Data Backup 

In case you are switching your older iPhone with iPhone 5 then you could backup your apps, contacts, other stuff and configurations effortlessly.

Just create an iTunes back-up and after that copy it on your new iPhone 5. To do this, attach your USB cord, and then right click on the device in i-tunes, and choose Back-up. Attach the iPhone and right click on it inside i Tunes and after that from backup just select restore.

Author’s Bio: This Guest Blog Post is written and contributed by Sushant Das at - an online technology training provider that teaches popular mobile development courses online like iphone, android, windows phone and HTML5 courses.

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