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I am sure we all have, maybe recently, cursed a package or two. They are too easy to open, too hard to open, or even impossible to open. Maybe they are to pretty to tear, or so ugly you enjoy tearing them. In our consumer nation, we are surrounded by packaging. Product packaging serves a vital role in capitalism, I want take a look at the jobs all of that packaging does for us.

1. It Protects from Breaks.

One of the biggest things your packaging does for you is protects your product from breaking. Either in shipping or on the shelves the package keeps your product in tact and ready for your customer.

2. It Protects from Theft.

Another major role is protecting your product from being lifted from store shelves. If you are having trouble with theft of your product, it may be time to rethink your packaging. There are many ways you can use packaging to ward off would be thieves and still display your product.

3. It Promotes Your Product.

This seems like a no brainer, promote your product. As if we would have never thought of that. Don’t be so quick to dismiss the power your package has to promote your product. Your package is the biggest component consumers use to decide whether to buy or not. You get one shot at getting this right. Promote your product well, it’s life may depend on it.

4. It Promotes Your Company.

When potential customers pick up your package, they are holding a small portion of your company in their hands. Your brand, your image, your message is all wrapped up in that package. The way customers see your package is how they will see your company. If it feels sub standard, then you are sub standard. However if the package is quite impressive, in turn you are impressive.

5. It Extends Your Brand.

When your product is purchased, it is shared. Your customer carries it out of the store, and all those around see what they bought. When they get home, more than likely they will show some one. If it is way cool, after they have opened it they may even keep the package and use it elsewhere. The Royal Crown bag leaps to mind along with shoe boxes and grocery bags.

6. It Dispenses Your Product.

More and more packaging is becoming a dispenser for the product they hold or even another product. Packaging engineers are constantly improving the usefulness of packaging.

7. It Protects the Customer.

Look at any package and you will likely see multiple warning labels illustrating the litigious past of your products and others. We need warning labels to protect us from potentially dangerous products, use these to inform your customers of the great qualities of your product.

8. It Makes Other Offers.

Your package is a great place to make new offers to your perfect customers. They have your product, now is a good time to sell them accessories or services that you know they would appreciate. Or you can even sell them other products that give them added functionality. You could just drive them to your website for other products, a survey, or product feedback.

Your packaging plays many roles for your company, it pays you to take advantage of all of these. Your product packaging is a big piece of your marketing puzzle, make it a strong piece as well. If we can help you with packaging email us at .

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