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When a business has a Google+ page, it can increase its brand because it is connected to likeminded companies. If their connections have links to many other companies, there is a great potential for a business to have a very good online presence. However, you cannot connect to a business which has a Google+ account so that they are in your circle until they add you. So, how can a business increase its Google Circle?

Utilise your blog audience

If your blog has many followers, the people who you are trying to connect with might be very interested in gaining access to your audience. Just like Facebook and Twitter, the Google+ logo can be put on your blog. Therefore, someone will know that when they choose to add you, your blog could be accessed by their own connections.

Make your page attractive

If you want to connect to people but your page doesn’t have any content, they won’t want to be associated with it. By posting as many relevant blogs and articles as possible, people might therefore be very interested in connecting.

Entice others to tell their own connections about your page

You should utilise every connection which you have already. By sending a very simple message about your promotions or offers, a large percentage of those who you are not connected to might be very interested in becoming part of your Google Circle.

Your page shouldn’t be similar to another

If you copy the same layout which another page uses, the people who you want to connect with might be aware of it. Consequently, they probably won’t want to connect. Although your page should be unique, it must be professional-looking.

Post every day

When you do not upload regular posts, people might assume that you are not constantly editing your page and it is dormant. When you post daily or a couple of times every week, it demonstrates that your page is one which should be connected to.

Write interesting blogs

If you write content which doesn’t interest those who view it, people might choose to look at another. The attention span of web users isn’t long and you should make a positive first impression. By writing catchy headlines, people will want to continue reading and might decide to connect as a direct result.

Lend a helping hand

When someone requests to join your Google Circle but they do not have many connections at the moment, this can reap dividends in the future. Not only will you be able to connect with them but they could introduce your page to others.

Put a link to Google+ on your website

Not every page owner has a lot of free time and might prefer to connect with a website which they find on search results. When a web user searches for something on Google, your website could be found. Therefore, they might want to connect with your page even though they haven’t seen it yet. For example, if your website is the only relevant search result which appears, a web user might decide to connect with you.

Link all social media accounts to Google+

Just like when your tweets are visible on your Facebook account, your Google+ account can also be apparent on all of your social media accounts. You might have a considerable number of Twitter followers and Facebook friends. If they have a Google+ page, they might send you a request to be part of your Google Circle.

Take advantage of guest blogging
Many websites around the world enable you to submit guest blogs. At the bottom of a blog, you could put a link to your page. Consequently, those who read your blog might want to be part of your circle.

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