Posted by : Amanda Stein Monday, November 12, 2012

For many companies, knowing what to give away at trade shows or events can be difficult. But when your product is geared toward making the life of a busy student or traveling professional easier, handing over a product that will be useful as well as give your brand some recognition is a must.
Here are seven geeky giveaways that will give students and professionals a reason to use your promotional product and show off your brand.

1. Bracelets with gigabytes

For some people, tying a string around their finger to remember their presentation as they walk out the door does not work. Instead, give them a bracelet to put around their wrist that has a USB stick connected to it. This unique gift will keep their information close at hand wherever they go.

2. Custom flash drives

USB sticks are used by nearly all students and professionals, whether in the office or traveling around the country. Create a customized flash drive designed with your logo, and you can make their life easier by giving them easy access to the data they need most.

3. Laser pointers

These are great tools to hand out to anyone making a presentation, and yet most people do not have one on hand. Give away a laser pointer, and your brand could be at the center of the class or board room for the next big meeting.

4. 3-in-1 presentation tool

Want to give away multiple tools in one to help simplify the life of a frequent presenter? A 3-in-1 tool allows you to do just that. Combine an LED light, USB stick and laser pointer all in one easy to use piece of equipment.

5. Flash drive case

Many students and professionals have multiple USB sticks for various classes or clients. With a carrying case, these sticks will stay organized so that the correct one is always within reach. Add your logo to the outside, and you will be seen by more eyes within your target market’s network of people.

6. Computer kit

Does your target market carry around multiple pieces of electronics? Make their life easier by giving away a computer kit filled with the key components they travel with. These kits come with items such as USB extension cords, USB sticks, card readers and more.

7. Media mouse

Perfect for the frequent traveler, professionally or privately, this media mouse is stored and recharged in the card slot on a computer. When ready for use, it is taken out and played to keep travelers entertained on their commute or journey.

If you want to stay in the hands of your target market and in the line of vision of their network of contacts, use one or more of these promotional items to keep them productive and keep your brand visible.

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