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The Ultimate Complete Social Media Sizing Chart
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Profile Picture160 x 160 pxMust be uploaded at least 180 x 180 px
Cover Photo851 x 315 px
About Us255 Characters
App Preview Image111 x 74 px
Total Length of Apps bar (including gaps)350 px
Timeline Profile Picture32 x 32 px
Shared Image403 x 403 pxPhotos can be viewed up to 960 x 720 px in the lightbox and expanded up to 2048 x 2048 px.
Shared Facebook Video403 x 226
Status Update63,206 characters
Shared Link Preview156 x 116 pxEditable, can be set with the og:type meta property
Shared Link Title TagUp to 100 charactersEditable, can be set with og:title meta property
Shared Link MetadescriptionVaries based on available room
Highlighted Post or Milestone843 x 403 px
Highlighted Video Post or Milestone843 x 475 px
News feed
News feed profile picture50 x 50 px
News Feed Status updateUp to 5 lines of text before Facebook truncates & appends ‘See More’ at the first break after the fifth
Shared ImageLandscape398 x 296 px
Portrait296 x 398 px
Square320 x 320 px
News Feed Sponsored Story Profile Picture32 x 32 px
News Feed Sponsored Story ImageLandscape358 x 268 px
Portrait268 x 358 px
Square300 x 300 px
Shared Facebook Video Preview403 x 226 px
Shared Video Link Preview130 x 73 px
Shared Link Thumbnail90 x 90 px
Shared Link TitleUp to 100 CharactersEditable
Shared Link DescriptionVaries based on Thumbnail & Title SizeEditable
URL Ad Title25 Characters
URL Ad Copy90 Characters
Page Ad Profile Picture50 x 50 px
Page Ad TitlePage Name
Page Ad Copy90 Characters
Page Post Ad Profile Picture32 x 32 px
Page Post Ad TitlePage Name
Page Post Ad CopyFirst 90 characters of selected postFirst 120 characters if post is text-only
Page Post Ad Image90 x 118 px
Page Post Ad Video Preview128 x 72 px
Page Post Ad Link Thumbnail50 x 50 px
Sponsored Story Fan Picture50 x 50 px
Sponsored Story Profile Picture32 x 32 px
Premium Page Post Ad Profile Picture50 x 50 px
Premium Page Post Ad Video Preview185 x 104 px
Premium Page Post Ad Image168 x 128 px
Background Image90% of visitors see first 78 px of the background
67% see 204 px
43% see 247 px
21% see 284 px
Recent Image Preview90 x 90
Profile Picture81 x 81 px4 px border
Tweet Length140 Characters
Profile Picture48 x 48 px
Shared Media Tweet Length140 characters, including link
Shared Link Preview120 x 120 pxMust be at least 60 x 60 px
Shared Link TitleFirst 70 characters of twitter:title tag
Shared Link DescriptionFirst 200 characters of twitter:description tag
Shared Image375 x 375 px
Shared Video Preview435 x 244 px
Video DetailsVideo Title and first 160 characters of video description
Company Profile
Cover Photo890 x 180 px
Profile Picture250 x 250 px5 px border
Horizontal Profile and cover photo gap614 px
Status Update100,000 CharactersCan include hash tags
Shared Link Thumbnail150 x 150 px
Shared Video Preview497 x 279 px
Shared Image497 x 373 pxCan be uploaded and viewed up to 2048 x 2048 px
Branded Channel
Content Container970 px wide
Mappable Header970 x 150 pxCan map links off of YouTube
Profile Picture55 x 55 px
Featured Video640 x 390 px
Video Thumbnail288 x 162 px
YouTube Brand Channel Background Size90% of users see 8 px on either side of the content containerUp to 1 mb in size
67% see 136 px
43% see 180 px
21% see 216 px
TitleUp to 100 characters
User BannerUp to 170 x 25 px
Video Preview640 x 390 px
DescriptionUp to 5000 characters
TagsUp to 500 charactersHidden, can be found in page source under “meta:keywords”
Recommended Playlist DetailsPlaylist Title
Recommended Playlist Large Thumbnail120 x 67 px
Recommeded Playlist Small Thumbnail40 x 25 px
Recommended Video DetailsVideo Title, Author, and Views
Recommended Video Thumbnail120 x 67 px
Horizontal Logo100 x 60 px
Cover Photo646 x 220 px
Company Square Logo50 x 50 px
Company Comment Logo30 x 30 px
Shared Link Thumbnail180 x 110 px
Shared Link DetailsShared Link Title and up to 230 characters of description. The description is editable.
Careers Cover Photo974 x 238 px
Products and Services
Products and Services Banner Image646 x 220 px
Product Image100 x 80 px
Product Details100 character title and 2000 character description
Profile Picture160 x 165 px
About SectionUp to 200 characters
Board222 x 207 px
Big Thumbnail222 x 150 px
Small Thumbnails55 x 55 px
Profile Picture32 x 32 px
Pin Image Preview192 x scaled height
Pin on board222 x scaled height
Profile Picture49 x 49 px
Pin600 x infinity

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