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In business one of the most important things an owner can do is manage their human capital effectively. HR solutions are a great way to ensure that this happens. When you’re managing your human resources, you have to be sure it is being done in a way that fosters growth and builds strong relationships. There are several tactics and tools available to business owners that can help in this regard. But the key is in implementation and a true understanding of the whole process. Many think of HR solutions as an unnecessary luxury. What many don’t understand or truly grasp is how essential the effective management of human resources really is to a business. What follows is an overview of what HR consultants do when helping to build an organization that is effective with its human capital.

Recruitment and Selection

Gone are the days of recruiting through “now hiring” signs in shop windows. The labour market has become a dynamic and constantly changing interaction between supply and demand, and discovering the perfect candidate can be a daunting challenge. Before we can discuss HR solutions for management, you must have the right employees to manage. Recruitment is the first step in building a solid foundation of human capital. Without a proper recruitment strategy, you may not be tapping into all of the available job markets. Creative recruitment solutions depend on a comprehensive job analysis and innovative execution of a predetermined recruitment plan. More and more firms are outsourcing their recruitment to HR services that specialize in matching clients with talent to find the ideal candidate for the job.

Selecting from a group of recruits requires deciding on an appropriate interview style that suits the job. HR professionals may use a psychometric profile method to evaluate the candidate based on the job criteria. Short-listing candidates will provide employers or HR recruiters a smaller group of applicants to choose from, making it easier to narrow down what exactly the ideal candidate should possess. Investing time and effort in the selection process will reward employers with carefully chosen candidates, and save time and money later on. 

Career Management

Once the recruitment and selection processes have been successfully completed, it is important to engage and motivate newly selected candidates to maximize their potential. Career management is a crucial HR solution for the growth and development of the firm and employee. Effective career management results in happy, hard-working and satisfied employees. Career management as an HR solution consists of strategic planning and structured goal setting to ensure financial assurance, personal fulfillment and an appropriate personal/professional balance. The process of career management is dependent on clearly defined goals for personal and professional growth. These goals can be general or specific in nature, the importance is that opportunities for development be identified. Regular evaluation and re-evaluation of goals is essential in staying on track and maintaining satisfaction and motivation. 

Career Development

Career development is a subset of career management but an important HR solution nonetheless. It is becoming increasingly evident that people may have more than one career path or ambition, thus the emergence of career development. Career development looks at how individuals manage their career or careers between and within organizations. The bottom line is that employees are driven for success in their careers. There are a number of different methods of career development programs designed to engage and inspire employees.

Career conversations are designed to help employees and employers have a dynamic discussions that align each party’s interests with the company’s needs. Career conversations are a natural, and semi-casual HR solution to managing employees. Taking the time to sit down and discuss how an employee can increase their satisfaction, happiness and motivation can result in increased productivity.

Coaching and mentoring programs help new hires integrate smoothly into the company culture. Integration coaching is designed to provide newly hired employees with guidance and knowledge to succeed in their new position. Coaching is a proven HR solution to educating employees about the company’s mission and values, key concepts in a company’s culture.

Open communication is a basic HR solution for managing employees that should be encouraged in all workplaces. Open communication is integral to career development and management for any firm. To encourage company growth, employees should feel free to associate and discuss career goals and opportunities openly and often. Sharing ideas and knowledge, and encouraging active participation will allow for increased transparency in the workplace.

Managing human capital is one of the most fundamental solutions to ensuring company growth and development. Implementing HR solutions will encourage happy, healthy workplaces made up of strong employees and teams. Career management begins with effective recruitment and selection, comprehensive career management and established organizational structure. In order to effectively manage employees, these HR solutions should be executed and revisited regularly. 

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Meghan Tooley is an author, blogger and current commerce student. She often writes articles on effective business management and business solutions. To learn more about human resources solutions visit People First HR Services.

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