Posted by : Amanda Stein Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Almost every business has social media profiles. But not every business promotes their social media pages offline as well as they do online. The reasons for this can vary – from underestimating the importance of the online community, to simply now knowing where to start – but if you want your social media strategy to succeed, then you need that to change. Here are several easy ways to begin promoting your online social media presence through offline means.

Inclusion in Your Standard Materials
The easiest thing you can do first is to build off of what you already have. This means putting together a portfolio of all of your marketing materials, including business cards, traditional advertisements in local newspapers, signage, or anywhere else you place your contact information. Make sure to include the biggest social networks – Facebook & Twitter – but also any smaller ones that your business actively participates in. If your restaurant has four or five stars on Yelp, you should point that out! If you’re a fashion designer with hundreds of fans pinning images of your clothes, then include your Pinterest user name. In the new digital age, your social media profiles can get you just as many clients and customers as your phone number. And I can guarantee more than your fax number.

Coupons Connecting Offline with Online
A good way to cross the digital divide between offline and online is with coupons. By giving customers discounts on items for liking a page or checking in from within your store, you can ensure that customers interacting with you offline today will be back in your presence tomorrow, albeit online. Consider giving 5% for a check-in, and make sure to add extra discounts if a customer tells their friends. Try to promote your customers promoting you as much as possible, and everyone will win!

Make Your Employees Brand Spokespeople
One of the best ways to get your message out has always been word-of-mouth, and the ease with which people can connect on social networks makes it all the more powerful. Make sure that your employees know exactly what social profiles your organization has, and the right terminology for each. You don’t want anyone being told to “like” a Twitter account, after all. But a simple “Make sure to check in on Foursquare for discounts” is the perfect way to get a real-world connection back onto the digital arena.

So Where Should You Be Promoting Your Social Media?
Everywhere! Promoting social media both offline and online is a key part of maintaining a successful online community for your organization. If you’re including your contact information on something, include your Facebook link and Twitter user name too! Not everyone is going to remember your information and life story from a business card. But if they have an easy way to connect with you from their own profiles on social networks – then it’s a lot more likely that they’ll remember your business in the future. Happy promoting!

Flynn Zaiger, who works for internet marketing agency , helps business promote themselves through PPC advertising campaigns, digital consulting and locally with New Orleans SEO for Lousiana companies.

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