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When working in a company, particularly a small business, it is important to make sure everyone employed is working to their fullest potential. When the employees are not working to their fullest potential, production may slow or even stop altogether. By engaging the employees in team building exercises, they will begin to learn from one another, help each other more, and increase productivity in the workplace. There are several team building exercises, and they are mostly used for different purposes. Depending on what is needed to be accomplished by the employees will determine what type of team building exercise will work best.

Using a mystery game for brainstorming

This can be a very easy activity that can be done in a casual dining setting. With this activity, the teams will have to pretend that they are helping a law enforcement agency track down a suspect from another country. In order to find the suspect, they will have to get a safe open to use the information inside the safe to catch the suspect. In order to open the safe, they will have to work together by completing several tasks. Once the safe is open, they will still have to work together to use the clues inside to find the suspect.

The Big Race

This is a team building activity that is very similar to the television show, The Amazing Race. The teams will have to use their skills to get through a maze that has lots of obstacles before the other teams get through it. This activity will incorporate the importance of teamwork. For example, some of the challenges may include a human bridge, so other members can get across a small mud puddle. Some of the challenges may include breaking into two man teams to complete different tasks, so the race can be finished quicker.

Build a bike from scratch

This is a team building exercise that will be both fun and challenging for the teams participating. Hopefully, by informing the teams that the bikes will be donated to a local charity, they may be more willing to put more effort into this activity. The challenging part about this activity is not only building the bike itself but the tasks the teams will have to accomplish to get the parts for the bikes. For example, if a team goes a week without a major accident, then the team will get two tires; or if a team picks up production by ten percent, the team will get the handlebars. This activity will increase safety and productivity for the teams.

Boot Camp

This activity should have many challenges within it, and each challenge can only be completed by a team. If you have several days on your hands, you can let each team come up with boot camp exercises for other teams one day, and then all the teams can do the different activities the next day, that way you will also encourage creative thinking in the teams. Boot Camp emphasizes the importance of cooperation between members of the teams. It's a fun activity, and it is comprised of several challenges such as survival challenges and finding hidden materials that will be helpful in completing the boot camp.

The Giveaway

This is another team building activity that requires all members of the team to equally participate. The members must come up with several creative ways in which they can give back to a charity. After that, the best ideas are chosen, and all the team members work together and are responsible for devising a plan to complete the activities. This exercise can also be done by several teams, which will encourage competitiveness and provide additional motivation.

Team building is an important part of the business process. Many small businesses choose not to incorporate team building exercises because they feel it can interfere with the everyday structure of the work environment. However, by implementing these team building activities, your team will be more productive, workers will be motivated to work more efficiently, and the supervisors will develop better relationships with the rest of the team.

Dunya Carter is a marketing and career development specialist from Australia. She writes articles on business, recruitment and team building for several websites and blogs. She is currently working for Corporate Challenge as a consultant, visit their website to learn more about team building events in Sydney.

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