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When your boardroom keeps welcoming interviewee after interviewee and your office starts filling up with new employees, it’s a sign that business is going well. Naturally you’ll push to maximise space as much as possible, but sometimes moving office is inevitable. This provides a whole new set of challenges over and above the everyday running of a business. So how does one continue to run successful operations during the transitional phase? Here are a few thoughts and a checklist of sorts aimed at making moving office as hassle free as possible.

The Early Bird Assists the Firm

Planning is a vital part of the office moving process. A small-scale move to a new office, if very well managed, can leave a rather insignificant dent in operational losses. Designing exactly what you want and where you want it by using the office specifications will mean that setup will be a breeze. Cubicles and network connections as well as kitchen arrangements can all be done beforehand. Technological installations should also be well planned and ultimately executed with the prospect of further growth in mind.


This is a 2-fold piece of advice. There’s a lot that can go wrong during a move especially, such as trouble with an office moving company and one should take as much precaution as possible. Even if a form of insurance is required. But backing up of essential documents, files and anything else that would create large issues if lost, is vital. On the other side of the move it’s important that you put systems in place to make sure your operations can run smoothly if a certain element fails to work in its new environment.

Fresh Start

Moving offices can be quite an exciting prospect. Change is as good as a holiday and all that jazz and it provides a good opportunity to make some changes from old office habits. Perhaps you can make the new office ‘greener’ or maybe get better chairs and computer monitors for the employees. Allow staff to contribute to the new changes with suggestions on how to make the office as pleasant a space as possible, anything to boost morale and make staff feel more part of the process.

Always Be Prepared

Even though you believe that your prior preparation as been meticulously executed, there’s always more you can do, especially when it comes to client side. Make provisions by letting clients or prospective clients know that you are in the moving process so as to cover yourself in case of any unforeseen hiccups. Once all of these have been applied, there really isn’t much more you can do in order to make moving office run any smoother.

Dave Peterson is a seasoned traveller and has generated his frequent flyer miles going country to country setting up businesses with prime real estate, from office space in miami to graphic design studios in Manchester.

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