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Facebook is a strong platform for advertising, practicing SEO and social networking. Now, it is slowly evolving into a platform for seeking job opportunities. Experts suggest that Facebook is largely used for job seeking when compared to professional networking sites like LinkedIn. With over 750 million users all over the world, it is no surprise that Facebook is used to make professional connections. Let us take a look at the tools that can be used in the most active social site for finding jobs.

  • Branchout
Branchout gives full control of your social network so that you can develop your professional activities. On Facebook you can create a separate professional profile and update your social resume. This tool allows you to surf jobs on other sites and also access jobs posted on your friends network. Unadvertised jobs can be found easily through your friend’s network. If your company announces bonus plan for referrals, you can make the best use of Facebook and post the nature and position of the job in your company using this tool. By doing this, you can help your friends as well as the company in hiring a good resource. You can also add extra money to your savings account.

  • IntheDoor
IntheDoor app gives you the ability to check where your friends work and the type of jobs in those companies. This app uses Indeed’s search engine and so finding unique details of any company including the nature of the job, the employees who work there and others will end up in vain. IntheDoor has a considerable amount of flaws and needs improvement. This app accesses all the Facebook profiles to check if your friend works or worked in the past at a company. IntheDoor does not provide accurate data if the company you are looking for is an international company. For example, job opportunity might be in Florida, but it will display information about your friend working in the same organization in Arizona.

  • Cachinko
Cachinko is good at pulling jobs from various sources. With this app you can create a profile signifying the nature of the job you are interested in and appropriate keywords to locate jobs. Job recommendations come to your Facebook profile based on the type of data provided. This app is great to make changes to your profile and also to indicate the type of job recommendations you are interested in.

  • Startwire
Do you want to know the status of your application? Use Startwire in your Facebook account and get feedback on the applications that you have sent to the hiring companies. After applying to a job, submit your username and password in Startwire to know the status of your application. If you receive a reply from the hiring company send it to Startwire so that you can track the progress. This unique feature adds value to the app. Startwire uses your professional profile, personal network and application history to get your recommended jobs.

  • Beknown
This app is a Monster creation which is a mobile and Facebook app. This allows customers to use Facebook for professional development. This app is similar to Branchout and uses Game Mechanics for better results. Beknown uses Monster database to produce the list of hiring companies. Finding unadvertised jobs is possible only if your network uses this tool to post job openings.

If you are a job seeker and is using Facebook frequently, I hope that the apps mentioned will help you land the job that you always wanted. Good Luck.

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