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Usage of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for marketing one’s own business is the latest trend. Pinterest has started gaining more popularity over other social media. People have started to realize its importance and have come up with dozens of creative ideas to use Pinterest effectively. One of its advantages over other social media is that it uses only thumbnail pictures as a link to the webpage that you can share with friends easily. Let us discuss about these creative ways in detail.

Price Tag:

This is one of the simple marketing strategies that need to be mentioned first. When you pin any image of the product, just provide the description along with its price at the bottom. Pinterest will automatically add the price at the corner of the pinned image for all others to view. This reduces the effort of going to the link to find the price.

Information about any location:

Since Pinterest being one of the popular social media, everyone would share their photos and ideas with friends. Similarly, they would share information about places they have visited and or about the activities they participated. Apart from Pinterest, a new site Pinwheel also specializes in this activity. It is the best way to gather information about different locations and in turn you might learn interesting information about your local hometown.

Create your Board:

This is one important feature of Pinterest. Board is a place where you can organize your pins so that, it is easy for you to identify the contents. You can also create additional boards when required. For example, when you have mixed your pins such as favorite pictures and website links together, you can create two new boards for each category.

Collection of Recipes:

You might have seen a recipe somewhere and wanted to prepare it for dinner, but somehow you have misplaced the recipe. At the last moment you are stuck in a very difficult situation. One of the best ways to avoid such a situation is to use Pinterest to pin your recipes. You can also use boards to organize your recipes and have your own online cookbook.

Plan your trip:

It has become very easy to plan your trips with Pinterest. It consists of information on all kinds of destinations. All you have to do is search for the place and click on the board. You will be greeted with pictures and information about the place which you can pin to your own board.

Create a Bucket List:

Bucket list is the name given to the list of things you want to do before you die. You can pin a bucket list to your board so that you will be receive reminder notifications regularly. Looking at it regularly will improve your chances of completing them.

Easy access to jokes:

People search for jokes sometimes for fun or to disturb others by playing prank. You need not search for jokes anywhere. All kinds of jokes are posted here, even the silliest of them. All you have to do is just to click on the humor section and prepare to laugh.

Ask suggestion and ideas:

This is a very good forum to ask your friends for suggestions. It might be about your wedding, birthday or designing your house. Create a separate board and ask your friends for their ideas and suggestions. Certainly you would receive many useful suggestions.

These ideas might be new for many followers who use Pinterest only to chat and share message. There are many more creative ways to use Pinterest which you can discover while using.

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