Posted by : Amanda Stein Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The layout of an office is particularly important because it impacts on the work and overall well being of the person. The lighting can impact on the quality of work produced as poorly situated lighting will not offer the correct amount to see properly therefore the employee cannot see.

The best type of lighting is a strip light which offers quality light from all directions and doesn’t break the bank which is good in the employer’s eye because it saves them money and keeps their workforce happy.

The layout of the workplace is imperative if you want to have an efficient output some of the ideal out comes would be:
  • To provide smooth and efficient workflow 
  • To take full advantage of the space provided 
  • To design it in such a way that it can grow and change 

The office layout needs to be well catered for with enough individual desks for everyone so that no-one is sharing a desk because it can get crowded you also need enough space to walk around and manoeuvre so that you can go round and check things. It also needs to pass all the health and safety regulations which means it needs to be designed in such a way that there are no exposed wires and all computers etc can fit in without a risk of a hazard.

The layout can also affect how the employee is motivated for example if his/hers desk is not how they want it then they may be annoyed and distracted therefore not getting on with their job properly. It is important to get to know your employee and let them know where they are going to be working before they start it will save you time and eventually generate a steady profit for your business. It helps the employees feel more comfortable and accomplished; this overall positively boosts their job satisfaction.

In conclusion then it is really of benefit to your company to have a well planned out office for the use of employees so that they have maximum job satisfaction so they can produce quality work again and again to generate the profit that the business wants to achieve.

Author Bio:
Jake works in HR and has experienced firsthand the benefits of having a well laid out office environment including office partitioning.

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