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Social Media sites have been extremely successful in gathering people together and being a social hub where people share and discuss on subjects of common interest. This is one of the reasons why social media sites have been happy hunting grounds for business people. Facebook and LinkedIn are two common social media sites where business owners love to have their presence.

In this article, I have discussed on the key differences between LinkedIn and Facebook.

While LinkedIn has always been popular among the business class, some studies have proved that Facebook offers the same opportunity (if not more) as the former. So, which one helps you reach your target audience better? Your choice depends on the kind of business you undertake and the results you expect. Here is a head-to-head comparison of the two.

Merits and demerits of Facebook

Facebook is the undisputed winner when it comes to B2C marketing.


  • Facebook has a huge profile of users which means there are more professionals in the social site than in LinkedIn – the number count just excels. Professionals just don’t switch off business acumen while on Facebook. Hence, marketing becomes more effective thanks to the broader platform.

  • Facebook ads allow you to market directly through the site itself. This also means that you do not have to rely on buyer engagement to reach your potential buyer. 

  • Your target audience is very important. Facebook is a better platform when you want to target the youth. Having the maximum share of users in the market, you stand a better chance of winning your goal. 


  • The short posts that you put up on Facebook may or may not display on the fan’s wall page. It depends on the engagement level with your brand.

  • Your marketing actions will also have to compete with casual posts like music, quotes, cute pictures and videos. The professional post that you display must be good enough to compete with other playful stuff. 

Merits and demerits of LinkedIn

Most professionals turn their attention to LinkedIn when it comes to hiring, networking and job seeking. But how effective is it for business professionals? Here are some merits and demerits of using LinkedIn.


  • LinkedIn can be defined as a basket that hold’s the world’s professionals. 60% of the world’s B2B marketers are present in LinkedIn. This means that you have better chances of reaching professionals here at any given time than in any other social network. You also have better hold of your target audience as long as you are in LinkedIn. You can do things like checking what time of the day your target audience are active. 

  • As most audiences are serious professionals, it is easier to network, view their profiles and engage with the shakers and movers in any industry. Most profiles will have rich data providing invaluable networking and marketing opportunities. 


  • The social site is definitely inferior to Facebook when it comes to the amount of time spent on the site, the number of participants and the scope of achieving your target.

  • LinkedIn is not popularly known as a marketing platform. It is typically known as a platform for job seeking, networking and other professional industry activities. That is not to say that LinkedIn is not a popular platform for social activities but your success level will be more in case of Facebook. 

  • Many things depend on the kind of marketing you undertake. It is very important to study which social networking platform provides the best chances for marketing a business client and pick the one that is best suitable for your business. Hope my guide helps you in choosing the best platform for your business.

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