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The internet technology has really changed the way people communicate, find information, buy or sell products. A high speed internet service will really take you many places. Whether you are a student, a freelancer, a home-based businessman or a stay-at-home mom, your high speed internet connection really makes a difference. For business people, being connected with a high speed internet service at home or on-the-go is a great way to promote and monitor their website.

As some businessmen get too busy in observing web analytics data like toolbar PageRank, number of visitors each day and top 30 rankings, there are important metrics to use and follow in trying to boost search engine ranks and enhancing your website in general.

In order to understand how your business website is doing, use your time in observing things that tell you failure and successes. These include the number of backlinks you have, conversion rates and the engagement of your visitors to your website.

Here are 3 online marketing metrics that you have to focus on:

  1. Backlink profile. Google latest algorithm update includes the number of good links pointing to your website matters most in determining your search engine rank. You can be punished by search engines simply by not knowing the types of links that are in your backlink profile. To understand what composes your backlink profile, you can think of using third party SEO tools. You can also obtain some info from Bing and Google’s tools programs but these tools don’t really provide all the details. 

    When you have information about your backlink profile, here are some things you might consider:

Look for bad neighborhood links directed to your website. These links include gambling, pornography and untrusted websites.

 Use varied and natural-sounding anchor text for your backlinks. Sometimes, a website might carry a very high rate of using keyword-based anchor texts. This can represent over-optimization for search engines and may lead to future penalties.

Links that come from websites that are made only for SEO purposes aren’t good. Search engines are increasingly becoming more complex and are able to detect websites that have spun content, basic website design and no human presence. This can also lead to penalties according to perceived manipulation.

  1. Conversion rate. Have a way for tracking conversion rates. This is the ratio of your website visitors whose visits are converted into desired actions such as buying or signing up for newsletters. The best free tool for this is Google Analytics, which will let you track everything. There are also other tools designed to track metrics in various platforms like mobile apps and social games.

  2. Engagement of website visitors. This is referred to as the time your visitors spend on your website and how valuable your website is according to these visitors. This can be measured using the following:

  • Average time spent on the site (should be as long as possible)

  • Average number of pages browsed for each visit

  • Bounce rate, which tells you the number of guests that don’t browse beyond your website’s first page (should be less than 50%)

  • Social media shares, which tells you that guests find your content valuable such that they share it to other people

These metrics are most important when maintaining or enhancing your website’s page rank.

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